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by Melai Briones

an open mind. Here are some potential roadblocks that Phygital NFTs might encounter:

Lack of Tangible Value: While Phygital NFTs offer the appeal of physical ownership, some critics argue that the value of the token is derived solely from the digital representation and not the physical item itself. This skepticism can lead to questions regarding the long-term sustainability and desirability of Phygital NFTs.

Technological Limitations: The creation and implementation of Phygital NFTs require advanced tools and expertise. This can pose challenges for individuals or organizations that lack the necessary resources or technical knowledge to participate in this space effectively.

Environmental Concerns: Phygital NFTs rely heavily on energy-intensive blockchain technology. As the popularity of NFTs increases, so does the environmental impact of their creation and maintenance. Critics argue that the ecological footprint of Phygital NFTs should be taken into consideration when evaluating their overall value proposition.

Fragmented Market: The Phygital NFT market is still in its infancy, and there is currently no standardized platform or marketplace to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of these assets. This lack of infrastructure can lead to fragmentation and inefficiencies within the Phygital NFT ecosystem.


Phygital NFTs represent a captivating convergence of the physical and digital worlds. By tethering tangible items to their digital representations through blockchain technology, Phygital NFTs offer enhanced security, authenticity, and value in the realm of asset ownership.

While this innovative concept has garnered attention and economic value, there are still challenges to be addressed and criticisms to be considered. As with any emerging technology, the future trajectory of Phygital NFTs remains uncertain.

However, one thing is clear: the fusion of the digital and physical worlds has the potential to reshape our understanding of ownership and value in profound and exciting ways. Whether or not Phygital NFTs become a mainstay in the world of technology and commerce is yet to be seen, but their emergence as a significant milestone in this transformative process should not be overlooked.

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