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Minecraft Creator Notch: ‘Glad They’re Cracking Down’ on Bitcoin Reward Servers

by Harry Garcia

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game, recently made changes to its usage guidelines to prohibit play-to-earn models and token-gating functionality on fan-operated game servers. This move sets the stage for developer Mojang to take action against servers that violate these guidelines, such as a server that paid players in Bitcoin.

Notable among those showing support for Mojang’s decision is Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft. Notch, who sold the game and its intellectual property to Microsoft in 2014, expressed his approval of cracking down on such practices in a tweet. His endorsement adds weight to Mojang’s position and showcases the ongoing involvement of Notch in the Minecraft community, despite his departure from the studio.

The specific server in question, called Satlantis, offered Bitcoin rewards to players for completing in-game tasks. However, after receiving a demand from Mojang, Satlantis was left with no choice but to remove this feature or face the potential consequences of having its server IP blocked and being forced to shut down by its hosting provider. Satlantis has since complied with Mojang’s request and plans to migrate its experience to another gaming platform.

Although Mojang has taken action, Microsoft, which acquired Mojang and Minecraft, has remained silent on the matter. Decrypt, the publication that reported on the issue, has reached out to Microsoft for confirmation but has yet to receive a response.

Minecraft’s updated usage guidelines now explicitly restrict the use of play-to-earn models in which players can earn real-world or in-game currency that can be converted into real-world currency. This change aligns with the game’s policies on blockchain functionality. Additionally, Minecraft has finally implemented its anticipated ban on using NFT ownership to limit access to in-game features. While the ban was announced in July 2022, it took almost a year for it to become effective.

Notch’s endorsement of Mojang’s actions emphasizes that Minecraft’s usage guidelines and policies do not support play-to-earn models or NFT-gating features. His approval carries weight due to his stature as the creator of Minecraft, despite his departure from the game and the controversial comments he has made in the past.

Mojang’s crackdown on servers that violate the updated guidelines demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the integrity of Minecraft and ensuring a fair and equitable experience for all players. With Notch’s backing, Mojang’s stance gains credibility, and players can expect continued efforts to address any practices that run counter to the game’s principles.

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