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Mohammad Jaber: My BSV blockchain journey—from counterfeiting to carbon credits

by Abigail Bautista

Elas, a digital consultancy company co-founded by Mohammad Jaber, is making waves in the world of blockchain technology. Through their proprietary technology and the use of blockchain, Elas is solving complex problems across various sectors. In a recent episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Mohammad shared insights into Elas’ approach to business and his journey within the BSV (Bitcoin SV) blockchain ecosystem.

Elas focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to help businesses and governments of all sizes solve problems that they couldn’t solve with legacy technology. One example of Elas’ work is their collaboration with Manufact, a company that facilitates authenticity in the luxury goods market. With Elas’ solution, brands can safeguard their products and assure consumers of impeccable provenance.

A live demonstration at the London Blockchain Conference showcased how Elas is revolutionizing authenticity verification. Mohammad demonstrated blockchain’s tamper-evident capabilities, digital twin pairing, and real-time event recording by opening a sealed box of Vinyl Cigars. This innovation enhances transparency and records supply chain events on the blockchain, providing consumers with easy access to product information.

Another noteworthy collaboration involves Tokenovate, a pioneer in carbon credit derivatives trades. Elas is executing the first live trade using Bitcoin script and smart contracting on the blockchain. This achievement is monumental in the carbon credits trading domain and showcases Elas’ capabilities in revolutionizing the financial and trading world.

Despite the demanding workload, Mohammad is thrilled about Elas’ growth and the interest and engagement they are attracting. He emphasizes the importance of providing value and maximizing opportunities in the business world.

Elas also unveils a groundbreaking offering—a private ledger on the public blockchain. By using the satoshis on the Bitcoin network, Elas creates private compartmentalized zones, guaranteeing impeccable provenance. This solution is recommended for certain types of customers and is flexible across diverse industries.

As an independent company, Elas is always looking for opportunities and partnerships. Mohammad is optimistic about the future and believes that Elas’ growth trajectory is bright.

To hear the full interview with Mohammad Jaber, watch the CoinGeek Conversations podcast or catch up with other recent episodes. You can also find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and the CoinGeek Conversations website. For those new to blockchain, CoinGeek’s Blockchain for Beginners section is an excellent resource to learn more about blockchain technology.

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