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MULDOONEYS Collaborates with 3D AG for Blockchain-Backed Authenticity

by Abigail Bautista

MULDOONEYS Unveils Provenance Time Capsule: Revolutionizing Luxury with Blockchain and Holograms

MULDOONEYS, the renowned French luxury leather tech startup, has introduced a groundbreaking addition to the world of luxury – The Provenance Time Capsule. Developed in partnership with Swiss company 3D AG, this innovation combines blockchain technology with an unbreakable hologram key to trace the digital journey and certify the origin of each product.

Ethical sourcing and heritage preservation are at the forefront of this latest development. Nestled within the hub of holographic structures, 3D AG and its brand authentication solution, soorce3D, integrated with the Polygon blockchain, the Provenance Time Capsule represents a significant stride in the realm of ethical sourcing. Each time capsule encapsulates the captivating journey through time, showcasing the heritage of suppliers and the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans, all fortified by precision Swiss holograms. Acting as the guardian of this cultural treasure, the Provenance Time Capsule underlines MULDOONEYS’ commitment to ensuring transparency in the product’s voyage from inception to the customer’s hands.

MULDOONEYS’ Meenakshi Pret, a Porter collection, now proudly incorporates the Provenance Time Capsule, marking the culmination of their blockchain supply chain innovation model. This innovation goes beyond functional aspects; it encourages customers to establish a deeper connection with the heritage of suppliers and their compelling narratives while upholding the traditional Polygon blockchain. Additionally, it bestows a brand authentication advantage, which is activated when customers register their purchase within the vault using Swiss-made holograms.

The collaboration between MULDOONEYS and 3D AG represents a harmonious blend of luxury, technology, and heritage preservation. The Provenance Time Capsule is set to redefine the way customers interact with and understand the products they invest in, promising a new level of authenticity and connection.

MULDOONEYS has always been known for its unique approach to luxury, combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The introduction of the Provenance Time Capsule underscores the brand’s commitment to setting new standards in transparency and authenticity.

The Provenance Time Capsule is the result of a collaboration between MULDOONEYS and Swiss company 3D AG. It represents a sophisticated union of blockchain technology and holographic keys, documenting a product’s digital journey through the intricate supply chain with meticulous detail, leaving no room for doubt regarding its origin.

By encapsulating a product’s history, the Provenance Time Capsule transcends its role as a simple guardian of luxury. It also preserves the heritage of suppliers, the stories of artisans, and the craftsmanship behind each creation, fortified by precision Swiss holograms. This innovation redefines ethical sourcing in the luxury sector.

MULDOONEYS’ Meenakshi Pret, a Porter collection, proudly integrates the Provenance Time Capsule. This innovation encourages customers to delve deeper into the heritage of suppliers, forging a meaningful connection with the products they purchase.

Furthermore, the Provenance Time Capsule offers a distinctive brand authentication advantage. Customers can activate this feature by registering their purchase within the secure vault using the Swiss-made holograms. This not only ensures the authenticity of their purchase but also deepens their engagement with the brand’s rich history.

MULDOONEYS’ partnership with 3D AG represents a harmonious fusion of technology and tradition. The introduction of the Provenance Time Capsule is set to revolutionize the luxury sector by providing customers with unprecedented transparency and authenticity. This innovation invites customers to embark on a journey through time, tracing the heritage of suppliers, celebrating the craftsmanship of artisans, and strengthening their bond with the brand while preserving the traditional Polygon blockchain.

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