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Murakami to step back from NFTs, Dan Harmon’s NFT show debut and more

by Melai Briones

World-renowned artist Takashi Murakami has revealed that he may not release any more nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in the future. Murakami, who first entered the NFT market in late 2021, has released two NFT collections to date. However, his most recent collection, Murakami.Flowers, faced challenges as it was launched during a market downturn. Despite this, the collection has generated a significant amount of secondary trading volume. Speaking in a recent interview, Murakami simply stated, “Maybe I’m done releasing NFTs.”

In other NFT news, NFT artist Danny Casale, also known as Coolman Coffeedan, has won a multimillion-dollar profit-sharing contract dispute with Web3 art curators DigiArt. Casale had signed a contract with DigiArt in May 2021, granting the firm exclusive rights to market and sell his NFTs. However, DigiArt sued Casale, alleging a breach of contract after he launched an NFT project independently. The court ruled in favor of Casale, stating that the contract was incomplete and that DigiArt had not enforced it until months after the project had launched.

Furthermore, the much-anticipated NFT-linked animated series “Krapopolis” is set to premiere in September. Created by Dan Harmon, the co-creator of “Rick and Morty,” the show is set in ancient Greece and features NFTs called “Krap Chickens.” The NFT holders have various benefits, including voting rights for certain aspects of the show and exclusive rewards and experiences.

While NFTs have recently faced criticism, digital artist Ben Fowler from rural Victoria, Australia, highlighted the positive impact of NFTs for regional and remote creatives. Fowler explained that tokenizing his artwork allowed him to reach a global audience without having to leave his hometown. He emphasized that NFTs empower artists from regional areas to create a career for themselves and earn what they’re worth.

In the wider NFT space, Bitcoin Ordinals creator Casey Rodarmor has proposed changing the protocol’s numbering system to simplify the codebase. Additionally, Proof of Play, a company led by Farmville co-creator Amitt Mahajan, has raised $33 million to develop Web3 games.

Despite the controversy surrounding NFTs, it is clear that they continue to make an impact in the art world and beyond. While some artists, like Murakami, may choose to step back from the NFT market, others are finding new opportunities and expanding their reach through tokenization. The future of NFTs remains uncertain, but their influence and potential cannot be ignored.

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