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NFT-Based Play-To-Earn Game Snook Launches On Arbitrum Blockchain

by Melai Briones

NFT-Based Play-To-Earn Game Snook Launches On Arbitrum Blockchain

Snook, the online multiplayer game that introduces NFT-based game characters, is thrilled to announce its launch on the Arbitrum blockchain. This move will expand Snook’s potential audience and allow players to use the $USDC stablecoin instead of its native in-game token, $SNK.

Snook is a unique play-to-earn game that introduces the concept of NFTs as in-game characters. The players’ skill and gameplay achievements are recorded immutably on the blockchain, making their NFTs valuable digital assets and collectibles. As long as they don’t die, Snook NFTs can be used repeatedly, improving their traits and increasing their value over time. These NFTs can also be sold on the secondary market.

The market value of Snook NFTs is determined by the players’ skill level and achievements. This innovative concept is part of a global trend in blockchain gaming, which is expected to grow from $35.61 billion in 2023 to over $85.3 billion by 2030, according to Fortune Business Insights.

Players can invest their time in the game to build up their NFT experience and skills, increasing the value of their in-game assets. The more time and effort they dedicate, the more crypto prizes they can earn.

With its low barrier to entry, Snook allows players to earn rewards based on their skill level rather than the amount they can invest. The launch on the Arbitrum blockchain provides players with more options to play on the network of their choice based on trends, gas fee costs, and the location of their crypto funds.

Snook is now available on the Arbitrum network, allowing players to use Circle’s popular $USDC cryptocurrency as an alternative to the native asset $SNK. This additional incentive makes the game more appealing to Web3 gamers who hold and spend the widely used stablecoin, thus expanding Snook’s global community of players.

While Snook’s tokenomics were initially based on $SNK, the game is transitioning to a stablecoin-based economic model on Arbitrum. The treasury smart contracts will now collect $USDC instead of $SNK, diversifying the holdings to a stablecoin asset to strengthen and boost the in-game economy.

This move aims to attract the thriving community of blockchain gamers, DeFi enthusiasts, and other users on Arbitrum, one of the fastest and most popular Layer-2 scaling solutions for Ethereum.

“We are super excited to offer an opportunity for players to play and use a stablecoin in a skill-based game as part of our proof-of-concept. By offering Snook on Arbitrum, we’ll be able to gather valuable feedback from the community to determine if stablecoin assets are more appealing to users than the naturally volatile $SNK token,” said XXXXXXXXX of Snook.

Snook is not just a game for fun; it provides players with a chance to showcase their skills and earn rewards. By appreciating and developing their Snook NFTs and proving their abilities during gameplay, players can unlock special skins and earn rewards in $USDC or $SNK on a pay-per-kill basis.

If you’re interested in starting your Snook journey, visit their website at https://www.snook.gg.

About Snook

Snook is a fast-paced multiplayer game that introduces NFT-based game characters. Each player’s performance directly impacts the face value of their NFT, making it rise or fall based on their ability.

Being the first game of its kind in the NFT crypto space, Snook brings real utility to the NFT market with its addictive online battles.

Players can compete in various challenges, including the Snook Challenge multiplayer game mode and the competitive arena, The Ladder, where they battle other players to climb up the leaderboard and win bigger prizes.

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