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NFT Creators Seek Alternatives as OpenSea Discontinues Royalties

by Melai Briones

NFT (non-fungible token) has emerged as a game-changer for artists looking to earn a reliable income from their work. These digital assets have allowed creators to prevent plagiarism and receive full compensation for the sale of their artwork. However, recent developments in the NFT marketplace have left many artists searching for alternative options.

OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world, made an announcement that caused quite a stir among the creative community. The platform revealed that it would no longer require creator royalties starting from August 31st, 2023. This decision has significant implications for artists who rely on royalties as a secondary source of income.

Royalties have been a crucial aspect of the NFT ecosystem, enabling artists to generate substantial earnings. Many artists have seen their collections generate significant sums with royalty fees. Cutting royalties is seen by many as a blow to the artists who have embraced blockchain technology for its potential financial benefits.

OpenSea’s decision to eliminate royalties is attributed to the downturn in the overall NFT market. The Forkast 500 NFT Index hit an all-time low on September 19, indicating a decline in interest and value. Some artists believe that royalties may be reinstated once the market recovers. However, until then, many creators are concerned about the impact on their livelihoods.

It should be noted that OpenSea royalties have always been optional for creators. Artists had the flexibility to determine their desired percentage. Nevertheless, in light of the recent changes, artists are advised to explore alternative secondary marketplaces. Platforms like Rarible, Blur, and LooksRare are among the viable options to consider. Diversifying their presence across different platforms can increase artists’ chances for earnings and provide greater exposure.

The impact of OpenSea’s decision is evident in the significant drop in creator royalties on the platform. According to Dune data, royalties plunged from a three-month high of $354,008 to $83,970, representing a decrease of 76%. Additionally, after OpenSea’s announcement, the royalty fee fell by 12.9%, further compounding concerns for artists.

While artists are actively seeking other options, they remain hopeful that OpenSea will reconsider its decision and reinstate royalties in the future. The outcome will depend on the recovery of the NFT market and the platform’s response to artists’ concerns. In the meantime, artists are urged to explore alternative marketplaces to ensure a reliable income stream for their creations.

In conclusion, OpenSea’s decision to do away with creator royalties has triggered a wave of uncertainty and concern among artists in the NFT space. The impact on their livelihoods cannot be understated, as royalties have become a significant source of income. Artists are now actively exploring other marketplaces while hoping that OpenSea will eventually reintroduce royalties. Only time will tell if this decision proves to be a temporary setback or a permanent shift in the NFT landscape.

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