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Peter Molyneux is ready to disappoint us again with his latest game, a blockchain-based business sim

by Abigail Bautista

Legacy, the long-awaited new game from renowned designer Peter Molyneux, is finally set to release on October 26. The blockchain-based business simulator, developed by Molyneux’s 22 Cans studio, has been teased for over six years and is expected to offer a unique gaming experience.

Legacy will be seamlessly integrated with GalaChain, a games-first blockchain that allows real ownership and real rewards. Players will have the ability to bridge items to and from Ethereum for trade on secondary markets like OpenSea. The game promises to prioritize ownership and creativity, giving players the chance to build and manage their own business on their virtual land.

Peter Molyneux was a pioneer in the early days of the videogame industry, creating groundbreaking games such as Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, and Dungeon Keeper. However, his reputation took a hit when he left Lionhead in 2012 to launch Curiosity, a community-driven game that turned out to be overhyped and under-delivered. This was followed by his next game, Godus, which also failed to live up to its promises.

In 2017, Molyneux expressed reluctance to talk about Legacy due to his previous experiences with Curiosity and Godus. However, in 2021, he confirmed that Legacy would be a “play-to-earn” crypto game, incorporating the growing trend of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This news was met with skepticism, as Molyneux’s history of over-promising and under-delivering did not inspire confidence, especially during a time when the NFT marketplace was experiencing a meltdown.

Despite the doubts surrounding Legacy, the game has seen significant success in pre-sales. According to reports, the sale of virtual “land” in Legacy has earned over 13,000 Eth, equivalent to more than $54 million in real money. However, the value has since declined to about $22 million. Notably, one “unique” plot sold for over 220 Eth, which was worth over $900,000 at the time.

While Legacy may achieve financial success, its impact on Peter Molyneux’s legacy as a game designer is questionable. The controversies surrounding the NFT marketplace and the ongoing lawsuits involving Gala Games, the publisher of Legacy, are likely to further tarnish Molyneux’s reputation. It remains to be seen whether Legacy will be able to deliver on its promises and provide an enjoyable gaming experience for players.

In conclusion, Legacy, the blockchain-based business simulator developed by Peter Molyneux’s 22 Cans studio, is finally set to release on October 26. Despite the anticipation surrounding the game, Molyneux’s previous failures and the controversies surrounding the NFT marketplace cast doubts on its potential success. Only time will tell if Legacy can live up to its promises and revive Molyneux’s legacy in the gaming industry.

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