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Philippines needs to focus on blockchain education, yet to adapt to US regulations

by Abigail Bautista

Blockchain education should be a top priority in the Philippines as the country’s regulatory landscape is still in its early stages. This was emphasized by Arlone Abello, a crypto market analyst, educator, and CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group (GMMG), as he spoke to hundreds of students during the Philippine Blockchain Week’s “Block Bytes: Blockchain 101 for Students” session organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

Abello highlighted the importance of education in understanding blockchain technology. He explained the core principles of blockchain and the different layers of the technology, such as Presentation, Consensus, Network, Data, and Hardware Infrastructure. By providing students with a deeper understanding of blockchain, Abello aimed to dispel common misconceptions surrounding the technology, such as its association solely with cryptocurrency or its confinement to computer systems.

During his speech, Abello encouraged students to embrace accurate knowledge about blockchain and dispel myths that may hold them back from harnessing its true potential. He emphasized that blockchain is not a tangible asset, functions differently from a traditional bank, and exists beyond the physical realm.

Abello, also known as Coach Miranda Miner, has been actively involved in promoting blockchain education in the Philippines. He founded the Web3 learning platforms Elite University and FEASTGold, which offer valuable trading techniques, expert advice, and news in the crypto world to Filipinos. In addition, GMMG launched “CryTalk: University Caravan,” a free educational initiative that aims to equip students with basic knowledge of blockchain technology.

The session attracted students from various universities, including Mapua University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, Our Lady of Fatima University, University of Batangas, and AMA Computer Learning Center. Participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, ask questions, and explore the practical applications of blockchain in different industries.

DICT Industry Development Bureau Director, Emmy Lou Delfin, delivered the closing message and emphasized the immense potential of emerging technologies like blockchain. She urged students to recognize the power of blockchain in revolutionizing industries, enhancing transparency, and driving innovation.

Despite the bear market, Abello expressed optimism about the increasing interest in the real-world applications of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. He expects more students to become curious about the technology’s potential. Moreover, universities and colleges interested in incorporating GMMG’s free blockchain and cryptocurrency courses into their educational programs can contact the company through their official website.

About Arlone Abello, also known as Coach Miranda Miner, he is the Founder and CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group and Web3 learning platforms, Elite University and FEASTGold. He is a professional trader, cryptocurrency educator, licensed Financial Advisor, and registered Financial Planner. With seven years of profitable trading experience in the crypto and stock markets, Abello has become a well-known figure in the social media community. He is also a former Vice-President of Operations of a global corporation, where he supported customer service and technical support for various companies.

About Global Miranda Miner Group, established in 2021, it is a registered and incorporated company under the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. The company specializes in crypto education and effective trading systems, with a focus on fostering profitable setups and behaviors within the trading community. GMMG’s services include Elite University, a crypto education platform that offers courses, virtual bootcamps, 1:1 mentoring, and daily YouTube livestreams.

In conclusion, blockchain education holds significant importance in the Philippines as the country’s regulatory landscape develops. By focusing on education and dispelling misconceptions, students and future entrepreneurs can leverage the true potential of blockchain technology to drive innovation across various industries.

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