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Project Engaging Legends of the Mara Game 

by Melai Briones

The visualization of the virtual world is no longer a dream as it has turned into a reality. Continuous evolution and technological advancement made it possible to explore the Metaverse from sitting at home. Otherside Vessel, an NFT project by Yuga Labs made it possible to explore Legends of the Mara (LotM), a metaverse game in an immersive way.

Otherside Vessel is a newly added NFT project playing a crucial role in the LotM, a metaverse game by Otherside Metaverse. The project was introduced by Yuga Labs in April 2023, offering a collection of 45.7K unique items occupied by different shades.

The NFT project acts like a vessel that includes a Koda, a character that resides in the Metaverse. Otherside Vessel NFT project offers a chance to explore the dynamic 3D world and interact with other participants in the virtual universe. The project simply offers an immersive experience to the players assuming the role of adventurers, who encounter challenges and unravel mysteries to earn rewards.

Exploring the collection, the NFT project is developed based on different traits including role and relic. Three main roles involve hunter, enchanter, and framer, and KodaPendant as relic.

Considering popularity as a main feature, #4860 is one of the most viewed and popular items in the collection, holding 1.3K views, and is available at the best price of 0.162 WETH. #64042 and #93713 are some other recognized names in the list. Considering expensiveness as the main factor, #58142 and #60650 are the premium items in the collection, available at 10,000 ETH and 5,001 ETH, respectively. #18185 and #45093 are some cheapest items in the list available at the price of 0.185 ETH which is approximately $294.25. The project also added some new items to the list including #60878 and #89892 offering an outstanding experience to the players.

One can purchase #11820, #88634, and #19426 from OpenSea at the best offers of 0.43 WETH which is around $715.62.

As the craze for Metaverse is booming everywhere, the projects and games associated with the theme gained hype. Otherside Vessels NFT project is rocking the NFT space with its outstanding performance.

With a total volume of 6,632 ETH and a floor price of 0.185 ETH, the project just boomed the metaverse. At present, the Otherside Vessels NFT project has around 12,207 owners of which 27% are unique owners holding at least one item from the collection. Looking at the past 24 hours’ performance, the project has a volume of 189 ETH with 712 total sales, a hike of 963%.

Otherside Vessels NFT project, a way to enter the Metaverse is all set to offer an immersive experience to the holders. The project holds around 45.7K unique items with a total volume of 6,632 ETH and a floor price of 0.185 ETH.

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