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Rarible Partners With Ethereum’s Mantle Network To Launch NFT Marketplace Mintle

by Melai Briones

Rarible, a well-known NFT marketplace, has recently partnered with Ethereum Layer 2 network Mantle Network to create a new marketplace called Mintle. This new platform will support NFT trading on the Mantle Network and aims to foster multi-chain NFT ecosystems.

According to Alex Salnikov, the founder of Rarible, this collaboration and the launch of Mintle demonstrate their commitment to developing cross-chain NFT ecosystems. The goal is to make the NFT space more accessible and diverse for users.

Mintle, built on the open-source Rarible Protocol, offers a community-powered marketplace and supports NFT creator royalties. It is likely that this marketplace will leverage the governance system of the Mantle DAO to ensure a fair and decentralized trading experience.

Rarible has taken a strong position in support of NFT creator royalties, refusing to aggregate and show listings of NFT platforms that do not support these royalties, including popular platforms like OpenSea and Blur. This stance has been well-received by creators within the NFT community.

The new secondary NFT marketplace is an essential part of Rarible’s cross-chain strategy. The platform has already facilitated over $27 million in NFT trades across Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and Tezos. As NFTs gain mainstream popularity, Rarible believes it is crucial to offer a seamless, user-friendly, and cost-efficient trading experience across various blockchain networks.

In addition to the Mintle marketplace launch, Mantle will also introduce its “Citizens of Mantle” NFT collection. These avatars function as dynamic NFTs and evolve as users reach milestones within the Mantle Ecosystem. The project aims to combine elements of gamification, social engagement, and NFTs, creating unique opportunities for creators, traders, and the entire community.

The partnership between Rarible and Mantle Network marks a significant step towards the advancement of cross-chain NFT ecosystems. It reflects the growing importance and potential of NFTs beyond art and collectibles. NFTs are becoming foundational assets in the decentralized digital economy, from virtual real estate to dynamic tokens that evolve with user engagement.

As the NFT space continues to evolve, platforms like Mintle and initiatives like the “Citizens of Mantle” NFT collection are shaping the future of digital assets. They aim to provide users with new and exciting opportunities while ensuring fair compensation for creators.

It is worth noting that investing in NFTs and digital assets carries inherent risks, and individuals should conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

In summary, the partnership between Rarible and Mantle Network represents a significant development in the NFT ecosystem. The launch of the Mintle marketplace and the introduction of the “Citizens of Mantle” NFT collection demonstrate the industry’s continued growth and potential. As NFTs become more mainstream, platforms like Mintle will play a vital role in providing a seamless and inclusive trading experience across various blockchain networks.

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