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Reddit’s blockchain-based Community Points are going away

by Abigail Bautista

In a surprising turn of events, Reddit’s Community Points program is set to shut down by November 8th. This announcement has caused quite a stir among Reddit users, with many expressing their disappointment and frustration.

The value of the tokens associated with Community Points has plummeted as a result of the news. According to CoinDesk, the drop in value ranges from 60 to 90 percent. This sudden decline has left some Reddit users claiming that thousands of dollars have disappeared from their wallets overnight. Others are pointing out potentially suspicious transactions made just before the announcement was made.

The decision to shut down Community Points came from Reddit’s administration, citing scalability limitations and the challenging regulatory environment. While the company acknowledged the incredible support from moderators and communities, they stated that there was no feasible way to expand the program across the platform. The updated reddit.com experience was also mentioned as a factor that would not accommodate Community Points without considerable resources.

Rather than focusing on Community Points, Reddit plans to channel its efforts into more scalable programs. One such initiative is the recently launched Contributor Program, which allows users to convert Reddit gold into real money. This move suggests that the company is prioritizing programs with a wider reach and stronger potential for growth.

As the sunset date approaches, Community Points will no longer be visible in users’ Vaults on the Reddit app. This development has left some users wondering about the fate of their earned points and what will happen to them. Unfortunately, it seems that their Community Points will vanish entirely, leaving them with no tangible rewards for their contributions to the platform.

The demise of Community Points highlights the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency-based systems and their volatility. While the idea of earning points for active participation in online communities is attractive, the unpredictable nature of digital currencies can leave users vulnerable to sudden depreciation and loss.

It remains to be seen how Reddit’s decision to focus on alternative programs will be received by its user base. As the platform evolves, it is essential for the company to carefully consider the scalability and long-term viability of any new initiatives. Users will likely be watching closely to see if the new programs offer a more stable and rewarding experience than the now-defunct Community Points program.

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