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Ross Stripling on Web3 investments, Candy Digital, baseball tech

by Sophie Smith

Ross Stripling: The Financier Pitcher

Ross Stripling is not your average professional baseball player. While he excels on the field as a pitcher, he also has a keen interest in the world of finance. With a finance degree from Texas A&M and licenses to manage people’s money, Stripling is a unique blend of athlete and investor.

In his eight-year career, Stripling has achieved remarkable success. He’s been selected to an All-Star team, posted impressive statistics, and signed a lucrative contract. But his accomplishments extend far beyond the baseball diamond.

Stripling’s passion for finance led him to become a licensed stockbroker and investment advisor. He actively manages nearly a dozen individuals’ financial portfolios while juggling his baseball career. It’s a testament to his dedication and commitment to both professions.

Initially hesitant about the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Stripling eventually embraced the trend at the insistence of his teammates. He became an active investor and trader, exploring the various avenues within the crypto market. While he has since pulled back from these investments, he remains an ambassador for Candy Digital, a platform that combines the nostalgia of baseball cards with the modern appeal of digital collectibles.

Stripling’s interest in investing extends beyond crypto. He has been involved in discussions with his teammates about various investment opportunities, from marijuana stocks to Bitcoin. His competitive nature and addictive personality drive his curiosity, leading him to explore new avenues for financial growth.

When it comes to NFTs, Stripling dabbled in buying and selling these collectibles. He was part of group chats with fellow athletes, discussing upcoming projects and sharing their experiences. While he primarily focused on Candy Digital, he experimented with other NFTs and found excitement in flipping rare and valuable pieces.

Candy Digital’s appeal lies in its ability to bridge the gap between traditional baseball card collecting and the crypto world. Stripling believes that Candy Digital’s success stems from its familiarity and nostalgia, attracting those who may be hesitant about diving into the blockchain and NFTs. The platform provides a marketplace for fans to buy, sell, and appreciate digital collectibles while staying true to the aesthetics and sentiment of baseball cards.

Stripling’s financial knowledge extends beyond just investing in crypto and NFTs. As a licensed stockbroker, he actively manages accounts for his family, acquaintances, and even some undisclosed teammates. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously, considering the trust placed in him by those who rely on his financial guidance.

While Stripling acknowledges the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio, he focuses on industries he believes in for long-term growth. He applies his financial expertise and knowledge to build well-rounded portfolios that can support wealth-building over a lifetime. It’s a clear indication of his commitment to financial success, both for himself and those he manages.

Ross Stripling’s journey as a financier pitcher is a unique one. His ability to excel in the highly competitive world of baseball while actively managing financial portfolios sets him apart from his peers. It’s an inspiring example of how sports and finance can intersect, proving that athletes can make a significant impact off the field as well.

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