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Sega Exec Says Blockchain Gaming an ‘Unknown World’ Worth Exploring

by Abigail Bautista

Sega Co-COO, Shuji Utsumi, has expressed his positive outlook on blockchain gaming and the potential role of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the future of video games. This comes as a surprising shift in Utsumi’s perspective, as he previously referred to play-to-earn games as “boring.”

In an interview with Dengeki Online, Utsumi stated, “Within blockchain games, owning assets and, in some cases, earning money, could become player wants that haven’t existed before.” He views this as a transitional phase for the industry, highlighting the evolving nature of gaming.

This optimistic viewpoint stems from Sega’s collaboration with blockchain firm Double Jump.Tokyo. Sega has licensed its Sangokushi Taisen card game’s intellectual property (IP) to Double Jump.Tokyo, who is developing a new trading card game (TCG) called Battle of Three Kingdoms. This TCG will feature NFT cards inspired by the original 2005 game and aims to target the Asian gaming market. It plans to launch with over 100 different cards and will receive continuous game patches and updates.

Utsumi explains that the licensing agreement with Double Jump.Tokyo serves to “revive” the original game’s IP while ensuring its protection. He acknowledges that blockchain gaming is still uncharted territory for Sega but believes this collaboration will be a valuable learning experience for the company.

The producer of the original Sangokushi Taisen game will oversee the development of Battle of Three Kingdoms, and Sega will provide game assets as part of the collaboration. Utsumi sees this partnership as a win-win situation, allowing Sega to gain insights into blockchain games and their development process.

Sega’s venture into blockchain gaming aligns with its strategy to adapt and evolve with new technologies. However, Utsumi acknowledges the hurdles facing crypto games, such as the implementation of crypto wallets. These wallets hold assets like NFTs and require users to connect to sites and sign transactions. Utsumi admits that creating wallets can be challenging for users and must be addressed to attract players to the game.

Despite these challenges, Utsumi believes that the unique aspects of blockchain gaming, including NFTs, have the potential for substantial rewards. He expresses excitement about how NFTs can capture the feeling of owning a card authentically.

As of now, Sega and Double Jump.Tokyo have not provided additional comments on their collaboration. However, Utsumi’s positive stance on blockchain gaming and NFTs suggests that Sega is committed to exploring new technologies and finding innovative ways to engage players in the future.

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