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Sega’s Co-COO Envisions a Future for NFTs in Blockchain Gaming

by Melai Briones

Sega’s Chief Operating Officer, Shuji Utsumi, has expressed optimism about the future of blockchain gaming and the role that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) may play in shaping the industry. This positive outlook comes as a surprise, considering Utsumi’s previous statement to Bloomberg where he referred to play-to-earn games as “boring.”

Utsumi’s comments were made during an interview published by Dengeki Online, a few weeks ago. The perspective he shared is part of a broader discussion surrounding Sega’s recent licensing deal.

During the conversation, Utsumi mentioned that within blockchain games, owning assets and potentially earning money could become desireable aspects for players that haven’t existed before. This highlights the changing landscape in the gaming industry, where blockchain technology and NFTs are opening up new opportunities for player engagement and ownership of in-game assets.

Sega, famous for games like Sonic the Hedgehog, has licensed its Sangokushi Taisen card game’s intellectual property to Double Jump.Tokyo, a blockchain firm. This partnership aims to create a new trading card game (TCG) called “Battle of Three Kingdoms,” featuring NFT cards inspired by the original 2005 game. Utsumi’s remarks are closely tied to this licensing deal and its potential implications.

The new TCG, “Battle of Three Kingdoms,” is primarily targeted towards the Asian gaming market. It is expected to feature over a hundred unique cards and will receive ongoing support through patches and upgrades after its initial release. This endeavor demonstrates Sega’s commitment to revitalize their old game’s intellectual property while maintaining its core elements.

Utsumi stated that the development of “Battle of Three Kingdoms” will be led by the original Sangokushi Taisen game’s producer, ensuring the preservation of the game’s essence and spirit. Sega will also contribute game materials to enrich the project. Utsumi described this partnership as a “win-win” situation for both parties, emphasizing Sega’s opportunity to gain valuable insights into the emerging realm of blockchain games.

In conclusion, Shuji Utsumi’s optimism towards blockchain gaming and the potential of NFTs in the industry indicates a significant shift in Sega’s strategy. The licensing of their classic intellectual property for the creation of “Battle of Three Kingdoms” not only demonstrates a commitment to preserving nostalgia but also signifies Sega’s forward-thinking approach in exploring the evolving landscape of blockchain-based gaming experiences.

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