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Shockoe Wins Prestigious Rvatech/ Gala Award

by Melai Briones

Shockoe Wins Outstanding Collaboration Award at rvatech/ Gala

RICHMOND, Va. – Last week, Shockoe was recognized with the Outstanding Collaboration award at the 29th annual rvatech/ Gala. The award was given in recognition of Shockoe’s collaboration with Altria, a Richmond-based company, and local artist Hamilton Glass to create a groundbreaking NFT (non-fungible token) for the Richmond tech community.

The rvatech/ Gala Awards honor the best in the Richmond tech community, and Shockoe is proud to be recognized for its creative and innovative approach to new technology. The team at Shockoe is thrilled to receive this prestigious award and be a part of the Richmond tech community’s celebration.

Alex Otanez, CEO at Shockoe, expressed his gratitude for the award, stating, “Our team is always driving forward on the latest technology, from NFTs and generative AI to immersive experiences; the NFT we created is the perfect encapsulation of our work and our commitment to Richmond.”

The NFT launch was a collaborative effort by the Richmond tech community for the Richmond tech community. Both Shockoe and Altria are based in Richmond with a strong presence of employees and a dedication to supporting local initiatives and businesses. The decision to collaborate was driven by their shared passion for innovative solutions and their desire to highlight the creative work happening in Richmond.

In partnership with local artist Hamilton Glass, the two teams aimed to capture the spirit of the city in the NFT. Glass, known for his public art in the community, was the perfect fit to merge Richmond’s art and technology universes. The project serves as a love letter to Richmond’s unique and thriving ecosystem, combining art and technology in collaboration with both established tech players like Altria and innovative companies like Shockoe.

Shockoe’s team hopes that this recognition will help position Richmond as a tech town of the future. The company has been pushing the boundaries of the technology industry, delivering award-winning custom digital solutions to clients across various sectors.

To learn more about Shockoe and their cutting-edge solutions, visit their website at https://shockoe.com/.

About Shockoe:
Shockoe is a mobile shop dedicated to helping brands enhance their digital experience and make a lasting impact. Their solutions are designed for today’s needs and built with the future in mind, incorporating mobile, wearables, generative AI, and augmented reality. With a diverse team that embraces forward-thinking, Shockoe collaborates with clients to create exceptional experiences and develop award-winning apps.

Source: Shockoe

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