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Sleap.io launches web3 hotel booking platform

by Sophie Smith

Sleap.io Launches Web3 Hotel Booking Platform, Revolutionizing Travel Industry with Crypto and Decentralized Technology

Zurich, Switzerland, Sep. 27, 2023 – In celebration of World Tourism Day, Sleap.io has unveiled its cutting-edge web3 hotel booking platform that incorporates decentralized technology and cryptocurrencies to enhance the user experience. This innovative platform aims to simplify the booking process while providing exclusive user rates and personalized offers.

When users search for accommodation on Sleap.io, they will have the opportunity to connect with popular crypto wallets like Metamask and Coinbase Wallet, allowing them to access exclusive user rates. But the platform goes beyond traditional booking by minting each search request into a unique non-fungible token (NFT). This not only serves as confirmation but also opens up possibilities for transferability and additional layers of utility.

This forward-thinking approach enables hotels and partners to respond with personalized real-time offers to Sleap.io users, creating a more engaging and tailored booking experience.

While the integration of web3 technology into the travel industry is still in its early stages, major airlines like Lufthansa and Etihad have already embarked on initiatives that indicate a larger transformation is underway. In fact, specialized blockchains dedicated solely to travel, such as Camino Network, are emerging, highlighting the early stages of this monumental shift in the industry.

Founder of Sleap.io, Michael Ros, expressed his excitement about being the pioneering hotel booking platform operating on the blockchain. He emphasized that it’s not just about being the first but about their commitment to excelling in this emerging web3 era. Ros believes that the adoption of web3 technology is gaining rapid momentum, and Sleap.io is enthusiastic about leading the way in this industry-wide evolution.

Sleap.io has gained industry recognition and financial backing, closing an investment round featuring prominent investors such as Falkensteiner Ventures, Next Floor, Ralf Usbeck, and Tectris.vc. The platform has also been the recipient of several accolades, including winning the Epic Web3 Awards in June.

Furthermore, Sleap.io has formed strategic partnerships with some of the largest web3 companies and communities, creating a robust and interconnected network within the industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Sleap.io reduces transactional fees and commissions, which can traditionally account for 15-30% of the average booking value. The platform is built on the Camino Network blockchain, designed exclusively for the travel industry and offering high cost-effectiveness.

The introduction of an AI-driven feature, set for release in Q1 2024, will provide highly personalized hotel recommendations to travelers based on their preferences. This dynamic photo sorting feature aims to enrich the visual journey, with continuous learning algorithms refining the user booking experience over time.

Considering that the global hospitality market reached nearly $4.7 trillion in 2023 and is projected to grow to $5.8 trillion by 2027, Sleap.io has recognized the potential for tapping into this lucrative industry. Additionally, with projections indicating that the number of crypto wallet users will reach 1 billion by 2025, Sleap.io is well-positioned to cater to a high-spending, tech-savvy demographic.

Sleap.io offers a new way to book hotels, enhancing the travel experience through its user-centric, efficient, and personalized ecosystem. By embracing web3 technology and leveraging blockchain advancements, Sleap.io aims to redefine how the world engages with travel and hospitality.

About Sleap.io:
Sleap.io is a revolutionary web3 hotel booking platform that integrates crypto wallet functionality and NFT booking, providing users with exclusive rates and personalized offers. Backed by significant investors and industry recognition, Sleap.io is establishing key partnerships in the web3 space. The platform is built on the Camino Network blockchain, aiming to reduce middlemen, enhance personalization with AI, and offer a transparent and cost-effective booking experience.

About Camino Network:
Camino Network is the travel industry blockchain, supported by more than 150 industry supporters and CHF 10 million in funding. Fueled by the Camino token, the platform provides a versatile network for the global travel industry to expand current business models and create innovative tourism products that delight travelers and business partners.

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