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Sonorus Innovates Music Discovery with NFTs and Web3 Technology

by Melai Briones

Revolutionizing Music Discovery with a Unique Approach

Sonorus, a groundbreaking startup, is on a mission to redefine the way we discover music by harnessing the power of NFTs and web3 technology. With an impressive user base of over 200,000 and a staggering addition of 160,000 users in just the past six months, Sonorus is making waves in the music industry.

The concept behind Sonorus may seem familiar, as it builds upon a well-known startup idea: a platform where users can nominate and vote for their favorite songs. However, previous attempts at similar platforms have struggled to gain widespread adoption. In a 2018 exploration of social music, several past endeavors were mentioned, such as Thesixtyone, TheNextBigSound, HitMaker, TastemakerX, Tradiio, and Laylo. Of these, only Laylo continues to operate today, but it has shifted focus towards messaging and CRM tools for artists.

What sets Sonorus apart is its innovative approach that leverages web3 technology. The heart of its service revolves around the creation of “record NFTs” linked to specific tracks. Users earn $RUS tokens based on the number of NFTs generated from songs they have nominated for inclusion in the platform. A detailed explanation of this process can be found in Sonorus’ white paper.

Sonorus takes pride in its team, which includes several former TikTok staff members and an individual who played a pivotal role in co-developing one of Latin America’s largest short video apps. This experienced and talented team is instrumental in driving Sonorus’ success.

Looking ahead, Sonorus has ambitious plans for the future. The company intends to launch an artist development program, which will further enrich its offerings and support emerging talents. Additionally, Sonorus aims to expand its partnerships with music catalogues into more developing countries, extending its reach beyond its current base in Vietnam.

Sonorus is a promising entrant in the realm of music discovery, bringing together the world of NFTs and web3 technology. As it continues to attract a growing user base and unveils its plans for expansion and development, this platform has the potential to transform how music enthusiasts discover and engage with their favorite songs. With a team that boasts experience from TikTok and a commitment to innovation, Sonorus is a company worth watching as it charts the course for the future of music discovery.

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