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South Korea’s UpBit Temporarily Freezes Withdrawals Following Scam Token Airdrop

by Harry Garcia

Upbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, recently faced a temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals after mistaking a scam token for legitimate ones from Aptos (APT). This incident raised concerns within the cryptocurrency community and highlighted the need for enhanced security measures.

The freeze occurred last Sunday when Upbit identified an “abnormal deposit attempt” while monitoring the flows of APT into and out of its wallet system. As a result, the company decided to temporarily suspend account services. Upbit has since resumed its operations but cautioned users about potential pricing differences when interacting with other exchanges after the suspension.

According to a Twitter user named Definalist, Upbit fell victim to a system error that misread a set of airdropped scam tokens as legitimate ones. These scam tokens were connected to a fraudulent website called “ClaimAPT.com,” which distributed them to almost 400,000 wallets. This alarming revelation came from an analysis by MingMingBBS, which was shared by Definalist on Twitter.

The mistaken identification of the false tokens as legitimate ones resulted from a code typo in Upbit’s system, as per MingMingBBS’s analysis. Fortunately, the error only led to a deposit of around $250 in affected accounts. Definalist emphasized that the situation could have been much worse if the scammers had included two more decimals in the code, which would have increased the airdropped amount to $25,000 per wallet.

“If the scam token had a decimal of 8, all users would have received $25,000 instead of $250, leading to thousands of users dumping $25,000 worth of APT, causing significant disruption,” warned Definalist in a tweet.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of implementing robust security measures in the cryptocurrency industry. Users and exchanges alike must remain vigilant to identify and prevent scams and fraudulent activities. Additionally, exchanges should continuously improve their systems to mitigate the risk of such errors and protect their users’ assets.

APT, the legitimate token associated with Aptos, currently holds the 38th largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market, with a value of just over $1.2 billion. This incident, although temporary, may have caused some disruption in the APT trading market, highlighting the need for users to be cautious when dealing with unidentified tokens.

Overall, this incident highlights the evolving nature of cryptocurrency scams and the need for constant vigilance. It also underscores the responsibility of cryptocurrency exchanges like Upbit to maintain high-security standards and protect their users’ funds. By learning from such incidents, the industry can work towards improving security and building trust among investors and users.

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