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Tapi and Lemon partner to bring cryptocurrency payments to Argentina

by Harry Garcia

Tapi, the fintech company focused on recurring payments across Latin America, has recently integrated with the Lemon crypto platform. This integration will provide new financial solutions to meet the needs of fintechs and neobanks in the region.

Similar to its recent integration with Prex, Tapi’s collaboration with Lemon will offer a regional recurring payment infrastructure. This partnership will allow Lemon users to pay for various services using either Argentine pesos or cryptocurrencies from their platform account balance.

The integration with Lemon marks another milestone for Tapi as it continues to play a leading role in the digitization and modernization of the digital payment infrastructure in Latin America. Kevin Litvin, CBO and co-founder of Tapi, expressed his pride in being part of this transformative change.

The partnership between Tapi and Lemon reflects the growing trend of fintech companies and neobanks embracing the use of cryptocurrencies and offering innovative financial solutions to their customers. By integrating with crypto platforms like Lemon, these companies can provide more flexibility and convenience to their users, as well as tap into the expanding crypto market.

Latin America has seen a surge in fintech adoption in recent years, with the region becoming a hotbed for innovation in the financial services industry. The integration between Tapi and Lemon is a testament to the region’s appetite for cutting-edge solutions that cater to the changing needs of consumers.

This collaboration also highlights the increasing importance of recurring payments in the fintech space. As more businesses shift towards subscription-based models, there is a growing demand for efficient and secure recurring payment solutions. Tapi’s integration with Lemon aims to address this need by offering a reliable and seamless payment infrastructure for recurring transactions.

The partnership between Tapi and Lemon is a promising development for the fintech industry in Latin America. With their combined expertise and innovative solutions, these companies are well-positioned to drive further growth and evolution in the region’s digital payment landscape.

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