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Telos and Elixir Games Partner to Bring New Titles and Cutting-Edge Technology to Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

by Sophie Smith

Telos Foundation, a decentralized organization overseeing the development and governance of the Telos blockchain, has partnered with Elixir Games to integrate Telos into the Elixir Games Launcher. The partnership aims to bring new titles and cutting-edge technology to the web3 gaming ecosystem.

As part of the collaboration, Telos will serve as the pilot partner for the Elixir Rewards Program. Users who complete various challenges will be eligible to receive on-chain rewards in the form of 1 million $TLOS. This initiative will incentivize gamers to participate and engage with Telos games on the Elixir platform.

Kiraverse by ParamLabs, LandBox by PWNED Studio, and Tarzan™ by XLABEL will be the first games to launch on the Telos blockchain through Elixir. These titles will be followed by a series of additional games in the future. Gaming-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be used in Telos games on Elixir can be acquired through Elixir In-App Purchases and secondary sales on Altura.

Telos is an ideal network for gaming use cases due to its Layer Zero architecture, which enables it to process more than 15,200 transactions per second. The network also boasts a block production time of 0.5 seconds and has never experienced an unexpected outage throughout its five-year history. Telos’ emphasis on speed and stability aligns well with the requirements of the gaming industry, making it a natural partner for Elixir Games.

Justin Giudici, CEO of the Telos Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting Elixir Games’ robust ecosystem and technically proficient team. He believes that Telos’ rapid, scalable, and security-focused technology will create a conducive environment for game developers, further enhancing the gaming experience.

Elixir Games, a US-incorporated tech company, provides a user-friendly and versatile platform for both web2 and web3 game developers. With support from gaming giant Square Enix and its integration with popular developer platforms, Elixir Games aims to provide players with the best gaming content and community experiences. The collaboration with Telos enables Elixir Games to leverage the network’s impressive technology and expand its offerings to include Telos-based games.

The partnership will also introduce the 1,000,000 $TLOS Launcher Rewards Program, allowing gamers to earn rewards and bounties by playing Telos games through the Elixir platform. The launch dates for each game and detailed information on the rewards program will be announced at the official partnership launch party during the 2023 Tokyo Game Show on September 21st.

This collaboration between Telos Foundation and Elixir Games demonstrates the growing synergies between blockchain technology and the gaming industry. By leveraging Telos’ speed, scalability, and reliability, Elixir Games aims to create an immersive and rewarding gaming experience for players worldwide. With the integration of Telos into the Elixir platform, users can look forward to a wide range of innovative games and opportunities to earn rewards through their gaming activities.

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