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The Art of Capturing Cloud of Petals by Meyohas  

by Melai Briones

The world of NFTs has provided photographers with a new platform to showcase their work and gain recognition. One NFT project that has gained popularity in recent years is Bitchcoin, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Introduced in May 2021, Bitchcoin offers a collection of 3,289 unique items created by artist Sarah Meyohas. The project aims to give roses a valuable place in the NFT space, capturing the beauty and fragrance of these flowers through stunning photography. Meyohas’s tokenization of art on the blockchain has made a significant impact in the NFT world, adding a unique twist to the concept of roses and subjective valuation of beauty.

To showcase her artwork, Meyohas has organized exhibitions, with the most notable being at the Red Bull Arts New York. These exhibitions allow viewers to experience the captivating visuals of her photography in a more immersive way.

When exploring the Bitchcoin collection, it becomes evident that each item holds a single trait, represented by a petal station. This showcases Meyohas’s exceptional photography skills and attention to detail.

There are several interesting aspects to consider when looking at the collection. In terms of popularity, Bitchcoin #02.107 and Bitchcoin #15.035 are some of the most viewed items, with 972 and 724 views respectively. On the other hand, if price is a deciding factor, Bitchcoin #0.45 ETH and Bitchcoin #12.240 are among the most affordable NFTs, priced at 0.45 ETH each.

For those looking for more expensive items, Bitchcoin #13.135 and Bitchcoin #01.042 are the most valuable and expensive items in the collection, priced at 1,000 ETH and 10 ETH respectively. Recently listed items include Bitchcoin #05.190 and Bitchcoin #12.240, both available at the current price of 0.45 ETH each.

These unique and stunning visuals can be found on platforms such as OpenSea, LooksRare, and NFTGo, providing easy access for collectors and enthusiasts.

In terms of performance, the Bitchcoin NFT project has been successful in the photography category. It currently holds a total volume of 1,078 ETH, with a floor price of 0.45 ETH. The project has attracted 310 owners, with 9% of them being unique holders of at least one item from the collection.

In the past 30 days, the collection has generated a volume of 1.5 ETH and achieved a total of 5 sales. This indicates that the captivating visuals and fragrance of roses continue to attract attention and interest in the NFT space.

In conclusion, the Bitchcoin NFT project, introduced by Sarah Meyohas, has made a significant impact in the NFT photography category. With a collection of 3,289 unique items capturing the beauty of roses, it has energized and added value to the NFT space. As NFTs continue to gain popularity, photographers have found a new medium to showcase their talents, and projects like Bitchcoin are paving the way for this artistic revolution.

About the author:

Nancy J. Allen is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who believes in the power of cryptocurrencies to empower individuals and disrupt traditional monetary systems. She is particularly intrigued by blockchain technology and its potential applications in various industries.

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