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The Joint Venture Bridging Web2 and Web3 Domains

by Sophie Smith

Freename AG and My Commodity SA have recently announced the launch of their joint venture, WebUnited. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 domains, providing new accessibility and distribution possibilities in the domain industry.

WebUnited’s main offering is its innovative Web2 to Web3 Domain Mirroring Service. This service allows Web2 registries to replicate their top-level domains on the blockchain, enabling them to offer mirrored domains through Web2 registrars. By utilizing WebUnited’s robust infrastructure, Internet 2.0 registries and registrars can enhance their bridge to Web3 domains. In fact, WebUnited is set to introduce the world’s first Web2 TLD (Top-Level Domain) mirrored on the blockchain in collaboration with the operator of the .bond TLD.

To ensure a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3, WebUnited provides API integration tailored to mirror the Web2 experience. This integration equips Web2 registrars with the capabilities to register, custody, and allow users to interact with Web3 Domains. Similarly, APIs are provided for registries to manage new domain registrations for their Web3 Top-Level domains. The objective is to offer reliability and usability standards on par with the established Web2 standards, ensuring a dependable user environment.

The joint venture between Freename AG and My Commodity SA unlocks new opportunities for stakeholders in the domain industry. Participants can tap into the burgeoning Web3 market and extend blockchain utilities to their clientele. These opportunities include decentralized payments via domains, blockchain application accessibility, and decentralized communication methods.

WebUnited is led by a team of seasoned professionals from the domain name and blockchain industries. Lars Jensen, Davide Vicini, Kevin Kopas, Federico Costa, and Eshan Pancholi bring their expertise to power the venture. The team will be available at the ICANN Hamburg annual meeting to engage with industry attendees and showcase the potential of WebUnited.

According to Davide Vicini, CEO of Freename AG, WebUnited is set to revolutionize how domains are conceived and managed. The collaboration between two industry leaders allows them to provide an innovative and highly accessible service. Lars Jensen, CEO of ShortDot SA, believes that WebUnited signifies a notable progression in the web’s evolution, combining the security and stability of Web2 with the visionary capabilities of Web3.

WebUnited’s mission is to simplify the digital transition by merging the pioneering potential of Web3 blockchain technology with the established infrastructure of Web2 domains. Their goal is to redefine user experiences across the digital landscape. For more information about WebUnited, please visit their website at webunited.com.

Overall, the joint venture between Freename AG and My Commodity SA presents an exciting development in the domain industry. By bridging Web2 and Web3 domains, WebUnited aims to offer enhanced accessibility, distribution, and innovation, unlocking new possibilities for stakeholders and revolutionizing the management of domains.

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