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The Open Network (TON) Foundation Engages Chainbase and Tencent Cloud for Web3 development and Adoption

by Sophie Smith

Tencent Cloud, a leading cloud provider, and the TON Foundation have partnered with Chainbase to simplify blockchain development and drive mass adoption of Web3 technology in the Asia-Pacific region. The TON Foundation is focused on building an enterprise-ready blockchain system for large-scale Web3 applications. With its near-instant transaction speeds, reliable connectivity, low latency, and low fees, TON Foundation aims to create a familiar and intuitive user experience.

Tencent Cloud, known for its reliable computing resources and optimized network connectivity, has already supported TON validators and plans to expand its services to meet TON’s compute intensity and network bandwidth needs. It will also offer cloud credits and discounts to projects built on TON through the Tencent Cloud Startup Program. This partnership will enable developers to leverage Tencent Cloud’s gaming solutions and reference cases for projects built on TON, particularly web applications and bots within Telegram.

Chainbase, leveraging its expertise in data indexing and querying, will offer the first data indexing product on TON. This will allow developers to utilize, query, and analyze TON data based on their unique use cases. Chainbase’s enterprise node deployment service will provide low-latency and highly reliable blockchain connectivity for Web3 projects and developers on TON, making it easier for them to achieve their goals.

The strategic partnership between TON Foundation, Tencent Cloud, and Chainbase aims to simplify blockchain development and enhance user experiences across various industries. By leveraging their combined expertise, the three entities will drive technological solutions built on the blockchain and accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology.

Justin Hyun, Head of Growth at TON Foundation, emphasized the commitment to working closely with Tencent Cloud and Chainbase to deliver transformative TON-based solutions to industries and users worldwide. The partnership aims to provide developers with the tools they need to create innovative solutions and elevate the blockchain ecosystem.

Projects interested in exploring integrations through Chainbase and Tencent Cloud are encouraged to contact TON Foundation directly via Telegram.

About TON Foundation:
The TON Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Switzerland, fully funded by the community and dedicated to supporting initiatives aligned with The Open Network’s mission. TON Foundation aims to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology.

About The Open Network (TON):
TON is a Web3 ecosystem built on Telegram Messenger, enabling billions of users to own their digital identity, data, and assets. TON puts crypto in every pocket and provides opportunities for individuals to participate in the decentralized revolution.

About Chainbase:
Chainbase is an all-in-one data infrastructure for Web3, enabling developers to index, transform, and utilize on-chain data at scale. With a range of developer tools, Chainbase aims to increase data freedom in the crypto space and unleash better data utilization.

About Tencent Cloud:
Tencent Cloud is a leading cloud company focused on resolving real-world issues and enabling digital transformation for smart industries. With its global infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, Tencent Cloud offers stable and secure cloud products and services to businesses worldwide. Tencent Cloud is committed to supporting the adoption of decentralized technology in the Web3 space, providing tools and infrastructure for builders.

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