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Trezor Launches New Hardware Wallets, Metal Seed Backup for Crypto Beginners

by Harry Garcia

Hardware wallet provider Trezor has announced the launch of three new products aimed at helping cryptocurrency enthusiasts securely store their digital assets. The new lineup includes the Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet, the Trezor Keep Metal recovery seed backup, and a limited-edition Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only wallet.

According to Trezor CEO Matěj Žák, the majority of cryptocurrency users rely on centralized exchanges and hot wallets, with only 2% practicing self-custody. Recognizing the need to educate users on safe storage practices, Trezor aims to provide user-friendly products with a simple onboarding process.

The Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet is designed for individuals new to the cryptocurrency space. It supports over 7,000 cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, and integrates with the Trezor Suite desktop app. Notably, the device includes a secure element that offers increased protection against physical attacks. In the event of a lost or stolen device, users can still safeguard their assets using a strong passphrase stored separately.

Trezor also emphasizes security in its Trezor Keep Metal product, which is designed to protect the recovery seed, a crucial element for accessing wallets in case of loss or theft. While traditional paper and pencil backups are vulnerable to environmental risks, Trezor Keep Metal offers greater durability and protection. Made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion, water, acids, and impacts.

In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Trezor is launching a limited edition Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only wallet. Encased in the iconic Bitcoin orange, this product pays homage to the cryptocurrency that started it all. Only 2,013 units will be available, and a portion of each sale will support the Trezor Academy, a Bitcoin education initiative for underprivileged communities.

With the number of global cryptocurrency users predicted to reach nearly a billion by 2027, Žák emphasizes the importance of security. Trezor aims to provide beginner-friendly solutions that make self-custody less intimidating. By combining the new hardware wallets with the Trezor Suite desktop and mobile apps, managing crypto assets is now easier than ever.

The Trezor Safe 3, Trezor Keep Metal, and Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin-only wallets are available for pre-order and will be shipped in mid-November. Trezor continues to prioritize user education and aims to increase the adoption of self-custody practices in the cryptocurrency community.

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