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Ugg enters the Web3 rat race. Plus, Nike’s latest sneaker is only for its NFT community

by Melai Briones

This week in the fashion industry, several notable collaborations and developments took place, demonstrating the growing fusion of fashion and technology. Prada made a significant stride by announcing its contribution to the design of NASA’s Artemis 3 spacesuits. The luxury brand further pushed the boundaries of its brand identity by delving into the realm of space exploration.

Tech wearables also made a resurgence, with industry giants like Meta and Apple trying their hand once again at cracking the fashion arena. This indicates a renewed interest in merging technology and fashion, as brands recognize the potential for innovation and market growth in this space.

Another exciting development came from Los Angeles-based streetwear label The Hundreds, which teamed up with multidisciplinary artist Amber Vittoria to explore the virtual and physical realm. The streetwear community has been exploring synergies with the NFT community, tapping into the digital realm to enhance its curb appeal.

AR leader Zero10 also unveiled a new partnership with Ugg, the sheepskin footwear brand that has made a comeback in recent years. Zero10 will help Ugg take its legacy into the Web3 space, further integrating technology into the brand’s offerings.

In the realm of Web3, Nike made headlines with the release of its latest Air Force 1 design, which is available exclusively to its ‘.Swoosh’ NFT community. This trend of offering exclusive phygital (physical and digital) products to Web3 communities has been gaining traction, as brands seek to increase their value in the digital realm and create a sense of exclusivity for their community members.

Similarly, Ugg’s partnership with Zero10 reflects the brand’s desire to remain culturally relevant and optimize its retail experience through tech innovation. As digital technologies like AR become increasingly ubiquitous, brands must adapt to fierce competition both online and offline. Collaborating with tech innovators like Zero10 allows Ugg to stay ahead of the curve and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Lastly, The Hundreds’ collaboration with NFT artist Amber Vittoria highlights the brand’s embrace of NFTs and Web3 technology. By amplifying the works of fledgling talent in the NFT space, The Hundreds is at the forefront of revolutionizing fashion and bridging the gap between streetwear and the token markets.

Overall, these recent developments demonstrate the integration of technology into the fashion industry and the growing importance of Web3 in shaping the future of fashion. As more brands explore the potential of NFTs, AR, and other digital technologies, the fashion landscape is evolving, creating new opportunities for innovation, creativity, and engagement with consumers.

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