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Uniting Global Experts to Safeguard the Future of Web3

by Sophie Smith

De.Fi, a leading super app for asset management and security, has announced the inaugural Web3 Security Conference 2023 in partnership with ETHMilan. This exclusive event will gather experts from around the world to address the critical challenges and solutions in Web3 security.

The Web3 Security Conference will feature a distinguished lineup of thought leaders at the forefront of Web3 security. Speakers include Anton Astafiev, Head of Security at zkSync; Simone Monica, Security Engineer at Trail of Bits; Carlo Parisi, Smart Contract Auditor at Hacken; Jack Barbieri, COO of Avascan; Michael Rosmer, Co-Founder of De.Fi; and Dmytro Matviiv, Head of HackenProof.com, among others.

Sonali Giovino, Global Head of Ecosystem at De.Fi, expressed excitement about this first edition, stating that Web3 security is paramount as the decentralized technology landscape evolves. She believes that this conference brings together the best minds to tackle these challenges head-on, providing a platform for collaboration and innovation in this crucial space.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics related to Web3 security, including chain security, smart contracts, auditing, monitoring, wallet security, and vulnerability analysis. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and innovators, gaining valuable insights into safeguarding the Web3 ecosystem.

One standout feature of the conference is the chance to collaborate with the founders, professors, and advisors pioneering Web3 projects. These visionary leaders are charting new horizons with innovative solutions that promise to redefine the Web3 security landscape. Attendees will gain invaluable knowledge about a range of tools, methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies aimed at thwarting even the most intricate cyber threats.

For more information and registration, interested individuals can visit the event’s website at http://de.fi/event.

About De.Fi, it is an all-in-one Web3 Super App and Antivirus that features an Asset Management Dashboard, Opportunity Explorer, and the world’s first Crypto Antivirus powered by the largest compilation of DeFi hacks and exploits, the Rekt Database. Trusted by 600K users globally, De.Fi aims to drive DeFi adoption by making the self-custody transition as simple and secure as possible. It is backed by Okx, Huobi, former Coinbase M&A, and used by large companies worldwide, including University College London and Coingecko.

Inquiries regarding media partnerships and media can be directed to Karla Vilhelem, PR Director, at [email protected] For event inquiries and speaking applications, individuals can contact Sonali TG @GioDeFi.

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