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VEGA NFT — Finishing the Orbit. Dear VEGA NFT Owners, | by CoDeTech | CoDeTech | Sep, 2023

by Melai Briones

Dear VEGA NFT Owners,

It has been an exciting year since the launch of the VEGA NFT, and we want to express our gratitude for your continued support and participation in this groundbreaking project. As the year comes to a close and the expiration of the VEGA NFT approaches, we are preparing to distribute the final payouts to all VEGA NFT owners.

The performance of the VEGA NFT has far exceeded our expectations, with all 2,000 pieces being sold out. Noteworthy statistics include over one million XCB mined in the XCB HODL Pool, with more rewards still being generated. These rewards, along with the 2,500 CTN reward, will be distributed among the owners.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that the valuation of the VEGA NFT has seen a significant surge of 73.7% since its initial price, reaching 1129.2€. This impressive growth further reinforces the value and potential of this unique non-fungible token.

The distribution of VEGA NFT rewards will begin once the CorePass ID application and the Ping Exchange platform have been officially launched. As these releases have not yet occurred, we have implemented measures to compensate for the slight delay. The NFT rewards will continue to be paid out until the launch, resulting in a higher amount of mined XCB per owner. The Core Token portion of the rewards will also be paid out upon the platforms’ release.

We understand that there have been regulatory changes in certain jurisdictions regarding crypto and NFT trading over the past year. To ensure the safety and compliance of the Ping Exchange and its license, we have made the decision not to trade the VEGA NFT on the platform. This decision has been made in consideration of our community and all participants in the project.

The reason for this is that NFT assets are categorized as securities in selected jurisdictions. In line with current regulatory frameworks, the exchange is unable to list this type of asset. However, this decision does not affect the availability of the unbundled XCB and CTN that the NFT owners will receive. These two Core Blockchain currencies will be freely tradable once the rewards are released.

We want to assure you that the release of the CorePass ID and Ping Exchange is progressing smoothly and will meet all regulatory requirements. The final preparations for the release are currently underway, and we will promptly provide VEGA NFT holders with instructions on how to claim their rewards once the platform is launched.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to the exciting developments and opportunities that lie ahead for the VEGA NFT. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements in the coming weeks.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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