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VERTU’s METAVERTU 2: Where Luxury Meets Cutting-edge Web3 Technology

by Sophie Smith

VERTU Unveils METAVERTU 2: The Next-Gen Web3 Phone

The recently concluded TOKEN2049 event in Singapore witnessed the exciting launch of VERTU’s METAVERTU 2, the next generation of Web3 phones. Following the success of its predecessor, METAVERTU, VERTU aims to reshape the mobile world once again. But what exactly sets a Web3 phone apart from the rest?

Web3 phones, such as the highly anticipated METAVERTU 2, are designed to seamlessly immerse users into decentralized networks and blockchain technology. Leveraging their luxury hardware legacy, VERTU is leading the charge in making blockchain and Web3 accessible to all.

One of the standout features of the METAVERTU 2 is its decentralized operating system, which allows users to effortlessly switch between Web2 and Web3. This innovative dual system transition was showcased during the TOKEN2049 event. Additionally, the device is equipped with METASPACE, an added layer of security and privacy for Web3 apps. The integration of the I-DID protocol, linked to the IMEI number, ensures protection against Sybil attacks and attracts high-net-worth users.

Another groundbreaking feature of the METAVERTU 2 is its Hardware ZK (Zero-Knowledge) verification. It simplifies blockchain verification to a mere fingerprint scan, transforming smartphones into edge computing nodes. By utilizing Secure Elements (SE) for computations, the device enables swift Zero-Knowledge Proof verification, effectively combining decentralization with transaction speed.

VERTU’s vision for the METAVERTU 2 goes beyond just being a phone; it is envisioned as a personal agent. The Decentralized AI Agent module, powered by decentralized blockchain storage, offers personalized memory-sharing features, fostering emotional connections. Integrated IQ+EQ agents enhance the user experience by assisting with tasks and providing emotional support.

In the mobile-centric blockchain era that the world is gravitating towards, VERTU stands at the forefront with its METAVERTU 2. This device represents VERTU’s commitment to merging luxury hardware with cutting-edge Web3 technology. It is not just a phone; it is a vision for a decentralized, secure, and accessible future. With the launch of the METAVERTU 2 scheduled for October, the end is almost here. Pre-orders are now open, offering early birds a chance to win Bitcoin.

The unveiling of the METAVERTU 2 at TOKEN2049 has undoubtedly created a buzz in the tech community. As VERTU continues to innovate and lead the mobile Web3 revolution, its luxury Web3 phones are set to redefine the way we interact with decentralized networks and blockchain technology.

(Photo: VERTU)

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