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Viewpoint — Convergence of AI and the blockchain: A new phase of human evolution or humanity’s downfall?

by Abigail Bautista

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain has been a topic of intense discussion and speculation in recent times. Blockchain pioneer Trent McConaghy argues in a thought-provoking essay that this convergence has the potential to usher in a new phase of human evolution, but it could also lead to humanity’s downfall. Experts in the field of AI provide their insights on whether decentralized AI can rein in unaligned superintelligence.

One of the key advantages of integrating AI with blockchain is transparency. By leveraging blockchain’s decentralized nature, AI systems can become more transparent and open, enabling ethical oversight. Blockchain facilitates access control for data and models, allowing for better auditability and deterring foul play. Additionally, tokenized incentives can be used to expand the availability of data, further promoting transparency. If implemented properly, blockchain technology has the potential to make AI development more democratic and aligned with human values.

However, there are significant technical obstacles to overcome in integrating AI and blockchain. While there has been a meteoric rise in the development of large language models like ChatGPT, which have fueled speculation about the integration of AI and blockchain, tech visionaries warn that the solutions face daunting technical challenges. These challenges include scalability, privacy concerns, and computational limitations. Despite the potential benefits, rogue AI could still outpace regulation and pose risks to society.

McConaghy’s argument takes a controversial turn as he suggests that superintelligent artificial general intelligences (AGIs) will view human preferences as irrelevant. Drawing a parallel to how humans disregard ants, he posits that AGI may dismiss biological humanity. However, he envisions a path of coexistence through cybernetic enhancements like brain-computer interfaces that can radically augment human intelligence. By merging with technology, humanity could keep pace with machines and become what he terms “Nature 2.0”. However, whether such a profound transformation is achievable or desirable remains speculative.

While blockchain offers the potential for increased accountability and transparency in the development of AI systems, it is not a panacea. It is an important piece of the puzzle but comes with its own set of challenges. The proper implementation of blockchain technology, along with addressing technical and adoption challenges, is crucial to harness its full potential.

In conclusion, the acceleration of AI and blockchain convergence has sparked both excitement and concern among experts. While blockchain can enhance transparency and ethical oversight in AI development, technical obstacles and the potential for rogue AI remain significant challenges. McConaghy’s vision of a future where humans merge with technology is thought-provoking but raises questions about the desirability and feasibility of such a transformation. As the field continues to evolve, it is essential to navigate the intersection of AI and blockchain with caution and ensure it aligns with human values and aspirations.

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