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We want to onboard one billion users in App design space to Web3 platform – Montoya

by Sophie Smith

MetaMask Snaps is a groundbreaking system that allows developers to enhance MetaMask’s functionality by creating new Web3 end-user experiences. It is a self-custody web3 platform that offers developers unprecedented control and customization. In a recent virtual conversation, Christian Montoya, a product lead for MetaMask, discussed the company’s plans for Nigerian developers and how the platform creates opportunities for Nigerian App developers.

MetaMask Snaps empower users to customize their web3 experience by allowing App developers to add new functionality and making it easy to install those snaps on the MetaMask platform. Users can find and install snaps from a directory or through websites and directories built by developers in the community. This gives users the freedom to choose the features they want to add to MetaMask.

There are several examples of how Snaps have improved user experiences within the MetaMask ecosystem. One noteworthy improvement is the doubling of the number of blockchains that can have access to MetaMask, allowing users to access applications built on these other blockchains. Additionally, there is a category of snaps focused on transaction insights, which show users information about a transaction before they confirm it. This information can include data from registries that track malicious addresses or simulations of transactions to predict outcomes. This is particularly valuable given the rise of malicious scams and phishing attacks. Users can install multiple providers to get multiple opinions about a transaction.

Another category of snaps is notifications, which enables users to receive native web3 notifications directly in their wallets. This eliminates the need for users to share their email addresses or social accounts to receive notifications from web3. Users can also receive notifications from various channels they subscribe to or use encrypted privacy-preserving messaging through wallet chat.

MetaMask Snaps have a diverse community of developers, including teams from Asia, Europe, and South America. The platform aims to reduce barriers for developers worldwide, as it does not charge for snap development or deployment. Additionally, MetaMask has a grant program to support snap teams with building their snaps. By empowering developers globally, MetaMask believes that it can bring innovative solutions to the table.

The ultimate goal of MetaMask Snaps is to onboard 1 billion users to web3. The wallet is central to the web3 experience, and enhancing MetaMask can significantly improve the overall experience for users. By making it easier for developers to add functionality to MetaMask without requiring approval, MetaMask has accelerated innovation. User choice is a crucial aspect, as users can survey their favorite snaps and contribute to the wallet’s quality. This, in turn, makes it easier to onboard users to web3 and enable them to access decentralized finance and manage their funds through crypto.

The global reach and diversity of snap developers are evident in the relationships built with developers from various regions. Developers are passionate about solving problems they face, and providing them with the tools to build solutions leads to the best outcomes. MetaMask engages regularly with developers and learns from them, fostering a global conversation and understanding the ways crypto can benefit communities.

In the coming years, the relationship between MetaMask and the wider Web3 community will continue to evolve. MetaMask revolutionized Web3 by enabling anyone to build websites connected to the blockchain through MetaMask. While it is challenging for MetaMask to build everything, the platform allows developers to add new functionality easily. Developers have expressed excitement about reaching MetaMask users with their solutions, creating opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

MetaMask Snaps embodies the concept of permissionless innovation, benefiting both developers and users. Developers have access to build products with new functionality, while users can access these solutions easily. Users can customize MetaMask to their needs and personalize their web3 experience. This concept fosters collaboration between developers and users, without the need for a gatekeeper.

MetaMask incorporates user feedback into the development of Snaps. The company has spent considerable time gathering feedback and improving the platform based on user suggestions. This ensures that Snaps continue to meet the needs of users and contribute to a seamless web3 experience.

MetaMask Snaps are revolutionizing the web3 experience, empowering developers, and providing users with customization options. With its global reach, the platform is set to onboard 1 billion users to web3, making decentralized finance and crypto accessible to all.

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