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Web3 Adventure Game Big Time Poised to Kickoff Its ‘Player-Owned Economy’

by Sophie Smith

Big Time, a web3 role-playing adventure game, is set to launch in early October after completing a year-long testing phase. Unlike other crypto-centric games, Big Time aims to provide a free-to-play experience without pay-to-win mechanics.

The game’s creators, which include the former CEO of Decentraland (an Ethereum-based virtual world) and several former AAA game developers, have designed Big Time to have a “player-owned economy.” Players can craft, trade, and collect digital wearables and collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using the native Big Time cryptocurrency. The game will take players on adventures through ancient civilizations and futuristic worlds.

Cryptocurrency-based games like Decentraland and Axie Infinity have faced challenges over time. Decentraland has been criticized for a lack of participation in its metaverse world, while Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn model has led to the exploitation of low-wage workers in countries like the Philippines.

Ari Meilich, the former CEO of Decentraland and founder of Big Time, emphasized the strong community behind the game and the creative team at Big Time Studios. Meilich mentioned that the Big Time community has already grown to over 350,000 people on Discord and over a quarter-million on X (formerly Twitter). The game has also garnered more than a million sign-ups and made direct sales exceeding $80 million.

One key differentiator for Big Time is its status as the most streamed PC web3 game on Twitch, with over 3,000 streamers playing its pre-alpha version. Additionally, the game has gained popularity in critical markets like Japan.

To avoid the play-to-earn trap encountered by Axie Infinity, Big Time has carefully crafted its economic incentives. The game’s native $BIGTIME tokens are not solely based on time spent playing but depend on skill and strategic use of resources, creating a meritocratic in-game economy. According to Michael Migliero, the Chief Marketing Officer at Big Time Studios, the aim is to avoid generating over-inflated token supplies and provide a more balanced and fun gaming experience.

Big Time’s full in-game economy, called “Preseason,” will launch in early October. This release is expected to attract a significant number of players who are eager to explore the game’s unique features and engage in a player-driven economy.

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