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Web3 Company International Banking, High-Risk Client Account Opening Announced

by Sophie Smith

SAXE Global Announces International Banking for Web3 Companies

September 22, 2023 – SAXE Global, a leading consultancy firm, has recently announced its expansion into international banking services for Web3 companies. This move aims to bridge the gap between blockchain businesses and traditional banking services, allowing them to transact using fiat currency.

In today’s digital age, blockchain technology has gained significant traction and popularity. However, many potential users are still unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and rely on traditional currencies for their financial transactions. SAXE Global recognizes this gap and aims to provide a solution by offering banking services that cater to these individuals.

Mark Walsh, Head of Advisory at SAXE Global, explains that traditional banking services enable blockchain entrepreneurs to serve a broader audience. Unlike standard banks that may be more risk-averse, SAXE Global’s partner banks welcome Web3 enterprises. The consultancy offers clients the option to choose between digital or brick-and-mortar banks, depending on their business goals.

SAXE Global has partnered with banks located in strategic locations worldwide, including the UK, Switzerland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Sweden, and Puerto Rico. These partner banks offer international bank accounts, or IBANs, which allow clients to transfer and receive funds globally. They are also subscribed to protocols like SWIFT, SEPA, and TARGET2, further facilitating cross-border transactions.

Industry experts predict that the blockchain sector will experience an astonishing compounded annual growth rate of 85.9% between 2022 and 2030. This anticipated expansion highlights the rapidly increasing user base of blockchain technology. SAXE Global aims to empower Web3 entrepreneurs to tap into this fast-growing segment by enabling fiat-to-crypto transactions.

Walsh emphasizes the convenience of starting an account with SAXE Global’s affiliated financial institutions, as fiat currency transactions remain the prevailing method of payment worldwide. Additionally, possessing an offshore banking account can help businesses adhere to regulatory requirements across multiple nations.

SAXE Global is known for its seasoned team of management consultants who specialize in delivering innovative financial strategies to forward-thinking clients. Their core competencies encompass tax efficiency, streamlining organizational structures, safeguarding assets, trimming operational costs, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

For more information about SAXE Global and its services, interested parties can visit their website at https://www.saxe-global.com/banking.

About SAXE Global:
SAXE Global is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to providing innovative financial strategies to forward-thinking customers. They specialize in tax efficiency, organizational optimization, asset protection, cost reduction, and regulatory compliance.

For further details about the company and its services, interested parties may visit their website at https://www.saxe-global.com/banking.

Contact Information:
13 Hanover Square, Mayfair

Disclaimer: This article is written based on the information provided in the press release.

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