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Web3 Gaming Platform Immutable Gears Up for zkEVM Mainnet Launch

by Sophie Smith

Web3 gaming platform Immutable has announced its mainnet launch roadmap for Immutable zkEVM, positioning itself as the go-to platform for gaming on the Ethereum network. The platform aims to improve the player experience, revenue engine, and developer experience, with the zkEVM mainnet launch planned for early next year.

The recent release of the Immutable zkEVM Testnet has attracted numerous gaming projects eager to leverage the platform’s capabilities. More than 50 games have already committed to building on Immutable zkEVM, demonstrating the industry’s interest in the platform.

One of the key aspects of Immutable’s roadmap is the technical upgrade that zkEVM will undergo in the coming months. This upgrade will involve transitioning from the Polygon Edge to Geth, aligning Immutable zkEVM more closely with Ethereum while ensuring compatibility with the broader Ethereum tooling ecosystem.

The journey to mainnet includes crucial milestones, with the Immutable zkEVM Testnet already garnering significant developer interest. Over 20,000 addresses have been active on the testnet, facilitating over 100,000 transactions as game developers eagerly begin building on the platform. Additionally, another Testnet Re-Genesis is scheduled to occur next month.

The most anticipated stage of the roadmap is the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet launch, scheduled between December 2023 and January 2024. During this phase, Immutable will invite developers to join the new chain in batches before opening it up to the public, heralding a new era of gaming on the Ethereum network.

In 2024, Immutable plans to offer dedicated application chains with the same technology stack and capabilities as Immutable zkEVM but with a unique level of customization. These dedicated chains will focus on providing optimal liquidity, accessibility, and security.

Looking even further ahead, Immutable has a significant milestone planned for 2024 – the introduction of zk-prover, which will offer a trustless bridge between Ethereum and Immutable zkEVM.

With the Immutable zkEVM Testnet already live and accessible, the countdown has begun for the Mainnet launch. Gaming enthusiasts, developers, and investors are eagerly awaiting the official release, which promises to bring exciting advancements to the world of web3 gaming on the Ethereum network.

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