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Web3 platform Galxe is hacked, multiple users report lost funds

by Sophie Smith

Web3 platform Galxe has experienced a security breach, resulting in multiple users losing access to their funds and wallets. The platform, known for its community-building efforts, posted cautions for users to disconnect their wallets from the platform and not to confirm any transactions. The Galxe website is currently down.

The security breach was reportedly caused by a DNS account breach conducted through the platform’s domain nameservers on Dynadot, a domain marketplace. Galxe tweeted an update informing users about the breach and advised them not to visit the site until the issue is resolved. The platform ensured users that their safety remains their utmost priority.

In response to the breach, users have been urgently advised to transfer funds from their Galxe accounts to another wallet. Those affected by the security breach are encouraged to contact the support team through Galxe’s Discord channel.

The incident comes amidst a surge in crypto scams and security breaches in 2023, with reports suggesting that the industry lost over $889 million in the third quarter of the year alone. Galxe is now likely to join the list of victims in this ongoing onslaught of crypto hacks.

As this is a developing story, more information is expected to emerge regarding the extent of the breach and the measures taken by Galxe to address the issue. In the meantime, users are urged to follow the recommended precautions and stay updated on developments regarding the situation.

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