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Web3 Recruitment Leader Up Top Launches Crypto Career Bootcamp Placement Labs

by Sophie Smith

The Up Top Search, in partnership with Faris Oweis, has recently launched Placement Labs, a crypto career bootcamp designed to help individuals navigate the Web3 landscape and secure their first job in the crypto industry. Despite the current down market, there is still a surplus of highly skilled and motivated talent coming from Traditional Finance, FAANG companies, and fintech startups who are eager to break into the crypto space.

Placement Labs aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Web3 landscape and guide them through the process of pivoting their profiles to match their ideal roles in the crypto industry. Over the course of 3 weeks, students will gain insights and lessons from industry experts, including Founders, Builders, Investors, and Community Members who are actively working in the fields that the students are interested in.

The bootcamp will not only focus on theoretical knowledge but also provide students with practical action items to help them pursue their desired roles in the crypto space. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to build a network of professionals who can help them achieve their career goals.

According to Faris Oweis, “a lot of the talent that will drive crypto’s success will come from non-crypto native professionals.” He believes that with the industry’s potential to reach mainstream consumer audiences, diverse skillsets and experiences will be invaluable.

Upon completion of the Placement Labs bootcamp, graduates will have a clear understanding of where they fit within the crypto landscape, concrete steps to pivot their profiles, and a head start in building their professional network.

Placement Labs is a crypto career bootcamp spun out of Up Top Search, which is known for its expertise in recruiting for the crypto industry. Up Top is dedicated to bringing transparency, community, and open access to hiring opportunities in the Web3/DeFi space. They also host weekly AMA workshops to provide resources and educate job seekers on the latest hiring trends in the crypto industry.

Interested individuals can visit the Placement Labs website for more information on the bootcamp’s first cohort.

In conclusion, Placement Labs offers aspiring crypto professionals an opportunity to gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to excel in the Web3 industry. With the current market conditions, it is crucial to take advantage of programs like Placement Labs to secure a successful career in the crypto space.

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