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Wellness NFT YogaPetz Sells Out in Less Than 45 Minutes with a Value Close to $3 Million

by Melai Briones

Yogapetz, a decentralized wellness ecosystem, recently achieved a groundbreaking success with the release of its Wellness NFT YogaPetz collection. The collection, consisting of 10,000 pieces, sold out within just 45 minutes, generating an impressive 1,761 ETH (approximately USD 3 million) in sales. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering the challenging market environment for NFTs during the winter season.

YogaPetz, led by co-founders Kam-Keung FUNG and Kin-Fung MAN, aims to prioritize mindfulness, community, and rewards to provide users with a secure and transparent platform that promotes mental and physical well-being. The collection’s overwhelming success highlights the growing demand for wellness-focused NFTs.

The YogaPetz ecosystem utilizes the $PRANA token and a mobile application to incentivize users to practice and maintain healthy habits. The success of the YogaPetz collection has opened doors for exciting developments and partnerships within the wellness ecosystem.

The experienced co-founders, Kam-Keung FUNG and Kin-Fung MAN, bring over twenty years of entrepreneurial and operational experience to the project. Kam-Keung FUNG, the founder and CEO of Awesapp Limited, has a strong track record in creating and managing mobile applications. His expertise in the competitive NFT landscape has provided strategic guidance to well-known NFT projects such as 9GAG (Memeland) and OliveX.

The success of these projects, including the sale of 10,000 NFTs within 12 minutes and raising millions of dollars in revenue, demonstrates Kam-Keung FUNG’s market sense and ability to navigate the evolving NFT landscape.

Despite the uncertain prospects surrounding web3 development in Hong Kong, these three Hong Kong startups have gained international recognition in the web3 field. Kam-Keung FUNG believes in the potential of web3 and NFT products to achieve outcomes that traditional internet products cannot. He highlights the advantages of community participation and their potential for fundraising and talent aggregation, driving innovation and success.

Another co-founder, Kin-Fung MAN, has a deeply personal connection to the project. Having battled cancer and faced physical and mental challenges, he found support in the cancer community and rebuilt his confidence. Inspired by his experience, Kin-Fung MAN established YogaPetz as a platform that goes beyond traditional NFT offerings. With his fine arts background and market potential of wellness-focused NFT communities, he believes that such communities can bring about positive change and growth.

The collaboration between Kam-Keung FUNG and Kin-Fung MAN is marked by seamless synergy and a shared vision. Together, they manage the YogaPetz community, leveraging Kin-Fung MAN’s creative arts expertise and Kam-Keung FUNG’s technical acumen, creating a strong foundation for YogaPetz’s success in the competitive NFT market.

YogaPetz aims to offer a secure and transparent platform for mental and physical well-being, not only for NFT holders but also for individuals who wish to explore and participate in the ecosystem. Users can begin their wellness journey, establish their own wellness businesses, redeem retreats with partners using $PRANA, and cultivate healthy habits through repetition.

The remarkable success of the YogaPetz collection reflects the growing demand for wellness-focused NFTs and highlights the potential of web3 and NFT products in driving innovation and positive change.

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