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What It Takes to Be a Blockchain City

by Abigail Bautista

Cities worldwide are recognizing the potential of emerging technologies to improve the quality of life for their citizens and optimize urban services. Among these technologies, blockchain stands out as a powerful tool to bolster security, transparency, and operational efficiency. Busan, South Korea, has emerged as a frontrunner in the race to establish itself as a blockchain innovation hub.

With a thriving economy and technological advancements, Busan aims to become a global blockchain city by integrating this cutting-edge technology into various sectors such as government services, logistics, healthcare, and finance. The city is paving the way to become a leader in blockchain technology and innovation through collaboration with blockchain businesses, creating a supportive regulatory environment, and focusing on education and research.

One of Busan’s recent initiatives is the development of a public blockchain network compatible with mainstream platforms like Ethereum and Cosmos. The goal is to consolidate blockchain-based services from different mainnets onto a single platform at the city level, effectively propelling Busan toward its objective of becoming a blockchain city. With a budget of 100 billion Korean won ($75 million) allocated from the Blockchain Innovation Fund (BIF), Busan aims to attract both public and private investment to support the development of its blockchain industry and infrastructure.

In addition to this public blockchain development, Busan has launched numerous other initiatives to promote blockchain technology in the city. The creation of “Blockchain Innovation Zones” provides support and resources to blockchain startups and businesses. These dedicated zones offer the necessary infrastructure and ecosystem tailored to the needs of blockchain entrepreneurs, facilitating collaboration, attracting talent, and promoting the expansion of blockchain-related businesses.

To further support blockchain startups, Busan provides financial incentives, subsidies, and co-working spaces. The city sponsors blockchain-focused events and competitions, creating opportunities for promising projects to gain visibility. Busan is also focused on creating a clear regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related firms to establish itself as a blockchain hub while ensuring consumer protection.

Recognizing the importance of producing a skilled workforce, Busan has made substantial investments in blockchain education and research. The city collaborates with universities and research institutions to offer blockchain courses, training programs, and academic degrees. It has also funded research initiatives and partnered with universities to advance blockchain technologies that address real-world challenges. Major crypto players like Binance and Huobi have also shown interest in Busan’s blockchain environment, providing research and development, technology, and financial support.

To solidify its position as a critical player in the global blockchain ecosystem, Busan has forged alliances with other blockchain-friendly communities worldwide. These collaborations enable the city to learn from best practices, exchange ideas, and attract foreign talent and investments.

Busan is exploring the use of blockchain in government services, healthcare, logistics, and international trade. The city administration is considering blockchain for document verification, public records management, voting systems, and trade-related data management. In the healthcare sector, Busan has embraced blockchain for medical records and data sharing, improving efficiency and privacy.

As Busan continues to advance in blockchain adoption and innovation, it serves as a model for other cities aspiring to harness the potential of this transformative technology. With a blockchain-friendly environment, a supportive regulatory framework, and integration across multiple sectors, Busan is well on its way to realizing its vision of becoming a leading global blockchain hub.

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