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When is Pi Network’s Launch Date?

by Harry Garcia

Pi Network: An Overview and the Awaited Mainnet Launch

Pi Network has become a topic of great interest within the cryptocurrency community due to its unique approach to mining directly from a mobile phone and its potential as a legitimate payment project. With a substantial following and 2.6 million Twitter followers, Pi Network has already gained significant popularity even before its mainnet launch.

Pi Network is a blockchain project that aims to democratize mining by making it accessible to anyone with a desktop or mobile device. Its native token, Pi Coin, is expected to be utilized for everyday transactions. The standout feature of Pi Network is that users can mine Pi coins using their smartphones by clicking on a button within the Pi Network app every 24 hours.

Unlike traditional digital currencies such as Bitcoin and other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, Pi coin does not require energy-intensive hardware to mine it. This unique aspect has led to the token’s exceptional success in attracting a vast network of miners.

However, one question that remains unanswered is the launch date of Pi Network’s long-awaited open Mainnet. Despite being under development for more than four years, the core team has not yet released any solid plans or schedules for the public Mainnet launch.

Pi Network initially entered the Mainnet phase in December 2021 after successfully passing the Beta and Testnet phases. However, instead of launching the open Mainnet, the team remained in the enclosed Mainnet period. This phase allowed developers to test different Pi features and build Pi-based utility apps, while mass users had ample time to complete their Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process without complications.

Currently, Pi Network is still in the enclosed Mainnet phase, where Pi holders are unable to interact with other blockchains using Pi. This means they cannot trade or exchange Pi coins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

The release of the open Mainnet depends on various factors, including the overall maturity of the project, the progress of KYC verification, and the achievement of major goals set by the Pi Network initiative. KYC verification holds significant importance as out of the 47 million Pioneers within the Pi Network ecosystem, only 5.6 million (11.9%) have successfully completed the process.

While waiting for more users to complete the KYC process, the Pi Network core team continues to release new features to enhance user experience. The recent introduction of the Fireside Forum, a Web3 social platform that fosters authenticity and constructive conversations through tokenomics, showcases their commitment to innovation.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the mainnet launch of Pi Network, the exact launch date remains uncertain. Speculations suggest a mid-October launch; however, there has been no official announcement yet. As Pi Network continues to build its community and refine its features, crypto enthusiasts eagerly await the open Mainnet launch, which holds the potential to further revolutionize the concept of mobile mining and payment systems.

In conclusion, Pi Network has gained significant attention and amassed a substantial following due to its unique approach to mining and potential as a payment project. While the launch of the open Mainnet is eagerly awaited, users can currently mine Pi coins using their smartphones and experience the evolving features and initiatives introduced by the Pi Network team.

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