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Williamsburg Pizza Launches Web3 Loyalty Program with Hang and Partners with a Dating Series

by Sophie Smith

Williamsburg Pizza, a popular pizza joint in New York City, has recently announced the launch of a new loyalty program in partnership with Hang, a platform that utilizes blockchain technology for an enhanced user experience. This unique collaboration allows Williamsburg Pizza to provide its customers with a seamless and rewarding membership program.

Hang’s platform offers a user-friendly interface that enables brands to create personalized membership programs, develop tiered point systems with rules-based logic, and offer enticing rewards in just a matter of minutes. By utilizing blockchain technology, Hang ensures the security and transparency of these loyalty programs, enhancing the overall user experience.

To celebrate the launch of the loyalty program, Williamsburg Pizza has teamed up with Dart Studio’s new reality dating series, “Pizza My Heart.” This series, created by host Jane V Herman and filmmaker Denzel Deranamin, features Lox Club as the dating app co-host. Williamsburg Pizza’s partnership with the show reflects their belief that pizza serves as a unique platform for friends to come together and share experiences.

Aaron McCann, co-founder of Williamsburg Pizza, expressed his pride in supporting this universal experience through activations like “Pizza My Heart” and their loyalty program with hang.xyz. He believes that pizza will always bring people together, and this partnership allows them to further enhance this shared experience.

Founder of DART Studio, Jane V Herman, also shared her thoughts on the future of loyalty programs. She believes that web3 loyalty programs, which incorporate blockchain technology, will be a part of the first wave of web3 mass adoption. Major brands like Starbucks, Clinique, and Nike have already successfully implemented blockchain-based loyalty programs, finding that the technology enhances user experience through added benefits and security.

In addition to the launch of the loyalty program, “Pizza My Heart” is hosting an open casting call at Williamsburg Pizza in the Lower East Side. Attendees will receive a free slice of pizza and merch upon signing up for Williamsburg Pizza’s loyalty program. The lucky contestant who captures Jane V Herman’s heart will win a pizza party at the location of their choosing for up to 100 people. Fans of the show will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite contestants on social media.

The series will be available on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, allowing viewers to follow the contestants’ journey in search of love and pizza.

With this innovative loyalty program and partnership with “Pizza My Heart,” Williamsburg Pizza aims to provide its customers with a unique and rewarding experience. By incorporating blockchain technology, they ensure the security and transparency of their loyalty program, setting a new standard for customer engagement in the food industry.

For more information about Williamsburg Pizza and their loyalty program, visit their website at www.williamsburgpizza.com. Media inquiries can be directed to Aaron McCann via email at jane@dartstudio.xyz.

SOURCE: Williamsburg Pizza

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