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World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Exits Russia

by Harry Garcia

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced its decision to sell its Russian operations and fully exit the country. The move comes in the midst of an ongoing investigation by the U.S. Justice Department into potential violations of war-related sanctions on Moscow.

In a statement, Binance revealed that it had entered into an agreement to sell its Russia business, and the buyer is a newly created “community exchange” called CommEX. The company plans to gradually sunset all exchange services and business lines in Russia over the next few months, ensuring a smooth transition.

Although the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Binance emphasized that it would not receive any ongoing revenue split or a buyback option from the sale. However, the exchange assured its Russian clients that their assets would be securely protected during the transfer to CommEX, which could take up to one year.

The decision to exit the Russian market reflects Binance’s recognition that operating in Russia is not aligned with its compliance strategy. As Western sanctions have severed Russian banks’ access to global payment networks, many Russians have turned to cryptocurrency exchanges as an alternative. This has created a surge in demand for crypto services in the country.

CommEX, the buyer of Binance’s Russian operations, has already announced that it will not register users based in Russia-annexed Crimea. Additionally, it does not allow account registration for individuals in the United States, the European Union, Iran, Cuba, Syria, and North Korea.

It is worth noting that this exit from Russia comes just a month after Binance imposed restrictions on Russia-based users, limiting their trading options to only non-ruble currencies. The chief compliance officer of Binance, Noah Perlman, stated that operating in Russia is no longer compatible with the exchange’s compliance strategy.

As Binance completes its exit from Russia and transfers its operations to CommEX, it remains to be seen how this move will impact the cryptocurrency landscape in the country. With increasing regulatory scrutiny worldwide, crypto exchanges are constantly reassessing their operations to ensure compliance and maintain a strong position in the market.

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