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Would Stringer Bell have used Bitcoin? Idris Elba on his iconic character and crypto

by Harry Garcia

Idris Elba Teams Up with Stellar: A Different Approach to Crypto

The crypto industry has had a rough couple of years. Scandals, hacks, and major collapses have plagued the sector, causing public suspicion and legal issues for celebrities who joined the industry during its explosive growth. Kim Kardashian and Paul Pierce, for example, faced lawsuits from the Securities and Exchange Commission after their involvement in questionable crypto projects. However, amidst the chaos, actor Idris Elba is taking a different approach.

Elba, known for his roles in “Luther” and “Beasts of No Nation,” recently partnered with Stellar, a blockchain platform established in 2014. Stellar focuses on facilitating cross-border payments but has struggled to gain traction against more prominent competitors like Ethereum. Unlike his celebrity counterparts who promoted tokens and investment schemes, Elba is advocating for the concept of financial inclusion promised by Stellar.

Amidst discussions of Elba’s involvement with Stellar, there is one question that stands out. Many people recognize Elba for his role as Stringer Bell in the HBO series “The Wire.” Bell was an entrepreneurial gangster who aspired to run his criminal operation like a corporation and even took business school classes. However, Bell’s character met a tragic end in 2004, years before the creation of Bitcoin and the advent of the crypto industry.

If Stringer Bell had survived, how would he have reacted to Bitcoin? The early years of crypto were characterized by its potential as a pseudonymous and decentralized payment method, attracting attention from dark web marketplaces like Silk Road. But the notion of Bitcoin’s anonymity has been dispelled in recent years with the development of tools by companies like Chainalysis, which trace transactions to their source using crypto’s public addresses. Law enforcement agencies have utilized these tools with remarkable success.

During Stellar’s Meridian conference in Madrid, Elba had the opportunity to share his thoughts on Bell’s potential reaction to Bitcoin. Elba mentioned that Bell was a character who had been learning about economics while attending school. He believes that Bell would have done his research before deciding whether or not to adopt Bitcoin. Elba suggests that Bell would have been curious about the possibilities presented by the cryptocurrency.

Idris Elba’s involvement with Stellar showcases a different approach to crypto. Instead of promoting speculative investments or uncertain tokens, Elba is focusing on the potential of blockchain technology to promote financial inclusion. While the crypto industry continues to face challenges and skepticism, actors like Elba bring attention to the potential positive impact of these technologies when used responsibly and ethically.

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