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Zumo teams up with Block Dojo incubator and launches support for companies using BSV Blockchain

by Abigail Bautista

Zumo, a UK-based digital asset platform, has recently announced a partnership with Block Dojo incubator and the launch of new platform features focused on supporting companies building on BSV Blockchain. This collaboration aims to provide Block Dojo’s cohort companies with access to Zumo’s APIs, facilitating their development processes.

Block Dojo, established in 2021, has rapidly become one of the UK’s most successful and fast-growing incubators. As of now, it has successfully launched over 40 startups and was responsible for raising 24% of all capital for tech startups in 2022. These startups utilize blockchain technology as part of their business offering to provide customers with the advantages of immutability, transparency, micropayments, and more. The preferred blockchain platform of choice for Block Dojo is BSV Blockchain.

To better support the startup companies within Block Dojo’s cohorts, Zumo has introduced a new feature to its tech stack. This feature allows for an on/off ramp for the BSV/GBP currency pair, enabling straightforward conversion between BSV and GBP on the Zumo platform. This addition aims to provide greater convenience for users and smoother integration with traditional financial systems.

In addition, Zumo has introduced LiteClient and ARC support for its non-custodial wallet, Zumo Infinite. LiteClient is a set of tools that enable Simplified Payment Verification (SPV), ensuring transaction validity for users, merchants, and services more efficiently. This enhanced scalability will contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. On the other hand, ARC is a cutting-edge transaction processor that streamlines the submission of transactions to the BSV Blockchain network.

These new functionalities are also available for enterprise partners via Zumo APIs, delivering an additional layer of security and user control for businesses integrating with the BSV Blockchain.

Paul Roach, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Zumo, expressed his enthusiasm for these new features, stating that they align with their objective to support companies building on the BSV Blockchain. He believes that these practical tools for conversion, security, and development contribute to the ever-growing ecosystem of applications on the blockchain.

James Marchant, Chairman of Block Dojo, highlighted the value of Zumo’s tools and services for startups within the incubator. He emphasized that access to BSV/GBP on/off ramps has been a challenge in the ecosystem, which Zumo efficiently addresses. The partnership with Zumo represents the next step in enabling startups to leverage the power of BSV Blockchain, whether it be writing data on-chain or contributing to the on-chain economy.

For those new to blockchain technology, CoinGeek’s Blockchain for Beginners section is recommended as an ultimate resource guide to learn more about the fundamentals of blockchain.

The partnership between Zumo and Block Dojo, along with the launch of new platform features, signifies a significant development in supporting companies building on the BSV Blockchain. With Zumo’s practical tools and Block Dojo’s successful track record in incubating startups, this collaboration is poised to drive innovation and growth within the blockchain ecosystem.

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