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Peter Molyneux’s ‘blockchain business sim’ releases next month

by Abigail Bautista

Peter Molyneux, the renowned game developer behind popular titles like Populous, Fable, and Black & White, is set to release his latest game, Legacy, next month. This highly anticipated web3 business simulation game is based on blockchain technology, offering players a unique and immersive experience.

According to Gala Games, the blockchain game publisher, Legacy puts ownership and creativity at the forefront by allowing players to build and manage their businesses on their own land. Players will own pieces of land and possess “Legacy Deed Keys” that correspond to the rarity of their land. These Deed Keys enable players to empower partners, known as “F2P players,” to win real rewards within the game.

For those still looking to own land in the game, they can purchase it from the NFT marketplace OpenSea. Currently, prices range from around $6,000 to $40, depending on the rarity and desirability of the land.

Legacy was announced in late 2021 when the NFT and blockchain craze was at its peak. Molyneux described Legacy as a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true—an opportunity for players to build their own businesses and design their own products from a vast array of possibilities. However, since the announcement, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a significant crash, leading to concerns about its volatility.

Legacy is created by Molyneux’s studio, 22cans, which is known for previous games like Godus and Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? Godus, an early access God game released in 2014, remains in early access on Steam to this day and has been largely abandoned. Curiosity, a mobile title, involved players worldwide tapping a cube to reveal its blocks. The final player to tap the game was promised a “life-changing” reward and a portion of the game’s revenue. Unfortunately, the winner, Bryan Henderson, did not receive any monetary reward.

As the release of Legacy approaches, fans of Peter Molyneux and gamers interested in blockchain technology are eagerly awaiting the game’s launch. With its focus on ownership, creativity, and real-world rewards, Legacy brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the simulation game genre. As the market recovers from cryptocurrency volatility, it remains to be seen how players will embrace this new venture from the legendary game developer.

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