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Explore the Future in Crypto Valley

The Crypto Valley Trip, a service of Crypto Explorers, offers an elite, curated group of passionate and motivated individuals from around the world an opportunity to come together for a 3-day, immersive learning experience in Zug, Switzerland.

The purpose of the trip is to collaboratively explore the opportunities and impact of the decentralized future.

Zug is known as “Crypto Valley” because of its high concentration of blockchain-related organizations based in the area such as Ethereum, Xapo, and Monetas. In addition, the business services and legal infrastructure offered by entities such as Bitcoin Suisse and MME have made Zug a reliable launchpad for many Initial Coin Offerings and Token GenerationEvents. Zug represents the most forward-thinking municipal government on the issues of crypto currencies and decentralization and serves as an appropriate environment for an immersive group learning experience.

The first Crypto Valley Trip took place in August, 2017 with 35 participants from more than 15 countries.  To learn more:

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