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Messari’s Mainnet Conference Reveals Blockchain’s Problems and Potential

by Abigail Bautista

Blockchain technology has faced numerous challenges, including fraud, regulatory scrutiny, and skepticism from major players in the economy. However, the recent Mainnet conference in New York City showcased the continued hype around blockchain technology. Industry leaders such as Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy were in attendance to discuss the trends in blockchain. As a media representative at the conference, CFO attended to learn about the aspects of blockchain that are still relevant to finance leaders.

One of the key differences between blockchain and other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) is the stage of implementation. While AI has gained considerable traction and is being integrated into various industries, blockchain is still focused on building the necessary infrastructure for its technology to be widely used. Although this is a step forward, the complexity of blockchain remains a significant challenge. The industry needs to simplify its marketing and branding to make its products and solutions more understandable to business leaders, including CFOs. If the jargon and complexity continue to grow at the same rate as innovation, it will be difficult for outsiders to grasp the technology and its potential, making it challenging to sell blockchain products.

However, despite these challenges, blockchain has the potential to have a significant impact on the global financial infrastructure. While the West has been hesitant to fully embrace blockchain and crypto companies, other parts of the world, such as Singapore, have experienced substantial changes in how they do business due to blockchain technology. In the U.S., major accounting firms like Deloitte and EY are preparing their young accountants to manage and account for decentralized and tokenized assets on a large scale. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize cross-border payments, asset tracking, tax and accounting management, and cybersecurity.

The article also highlights a transition from the finance industry to the blockchain industry, citing the example of Alexa Karpova, Chief Marketing Officer of crypto mining platform Lumerin. Karpova emphasizes the importance of networking, attending events, and constantly learning in order to successfully transition to a new industry. She also mentions that job security was not a concern for her, as hard work and determination will always be rewarded in any industry.

In conclusion, the blockchain industry still faces challenges in terms of complexity and marketing. However, its potential impact on the financial sector should not be overlooked. With continuous development and simplification, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize finance and other industries.

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